Save the Dates

I finally got around to taking photos of my save the dates this past weekend.  I have also finally finished the design for the actual invitation as well.  Let me tell you, having myself as a client has been terribly unpleasant.  I have been nit-picking and changing and going back and forth and have finally

Megan & Chris Wedding

Engagement Photos Round 2

I am very aware that it may seem a bit excessive to have two separate engagement photo sessions.  Typically, people just do one.  I chose to go ahead and be excessive and despite having stunning photos from our session with Colleen in New Orleans, we also got together with Allison Kuhn, our wedding photographer to

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Lessons Learned from Rory Gilmore

Happy New Year friends! Megan and I have had a wonderful holiday season filled with friends, family, and Christmas cookies. Things are busy. But you guys know that, since you are busy too. In addition to our job jobs, I have been doing photography things and learning web development (slowly but surely), and Megan has

Film Photography


After Galway, we drove back to Dublin to catch a quick flight to Edinburgh. We had planned to stay several days in Edinburgh and then take a day trip to another town, but one of our days had such crappy weather, and Edinburgh was so cool that we just decided to stay there the entire three

Film Photography

Ireland: Dublin

Sorry for the two (or three) weeks of radio silence. What had happened was some jerk hacked our website. The really cute thing about having your website hacked is that the hackers usually create a backdoor in your files. So you can have the whole thing cleaned up and feel like you’ve washed your hands