For the Love of Friday- Embracing Quiet

Of all of the months of the year, I have to say that February definitely seems to be one of the quietest.  It seems pretty comfortable with the knowledge that its offerings of Valentine’s Day and Groundhog’s Day are pretty minor compared to what some of the fancier months have to offer and that most

For the Love of Friday- An Open Letter

Dear Atmosphere, Sun, Moon, Earth, Clouds, Global Warming, God, Buddha, President Obama and whatever and whoever else impacts the weather (probably Ryan Gosling too), Today I am sending you a little plea.  I know there are lots of important issues in the world to resolve and if it comes down to a choice between my

Narnia Wedding Inspiration

When we were younger, one of our favorite movies was The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  I remember watching it over and over and wishing I could step into the wardrobe and finally figure out what turkish delight tastes like.  For me, this movie was the epitome of winter and everything I wanted it

Warming up a Winter Wedding

I feel certain that I’ve mentioned this before, but on our wedding day, it was unseasonably cold.  What I didn’t mention was that prior to picking the date (October 1st, 2011), I did some extensive spreadsheet analysis to try to determine the optimal fall day that was certain to be both warm and dry.  Pretty

Winter Trees

I love trees.  Not sure why, but anything tree related, whether it be paintings, dish cloths, clothes, or album covers, I am drawn to.  Somehow I was able to restrain myself from putting tree shapes on every wedding detail I could, but lord knows I wanted to.  I’ve always felt that winter trees got a

Let It Snow

Holidays are over.  Boo.  I always find at times like these it is better not to dwell on our losses but look forward to all of the wonderful things to come.  The one foremost on my mind right now is snow.  Living in the south, we don’t usually get much snow.   Maybe one or