For the Love of Friday- A Failing Grade

Okay folks.  Sadly, it is time for us to make a confession.  Some of you may remember at the beginning of summer when we made our summer bucket list.  We were so cute and naive back in those days.  But reality has set in and it is time to admit that we failed our summer

Labor Day Style

Happy Labor Day friends!  We are happily sleeping in and eating our fair share of Boberry Biscuits this weekend (may or may not have ordered 6 in the drive-thru last night), delighting in the last days of summer.  Meg has already started Halloweening but I thought I would give the hottest season one last hurrah

Beach Ready

So I wasn’t really planning on taking a beach trip this summer.  I was trying to be a good girl and save up all of my PTO for our big France trip next year.  Then I realized that everyone in the world was at the beach but me and started feel a little bit sorry

For the Love of Friday- Free

As a “yes” person, I have a slight tendency to over-commit myself.  Colleen is much the same way, although she would most likely argue that she isn’t as much of a “yes” person as I am.  This is probably true.  But whatever the case may be, we have a tendency to book our weekends up

For the Love of Friday- Happiness in Summer

I found this quote on Tumblr a few weeks ago from a book by Paul Schmidtberger entitled Design Flaws of the Human Condition and I thought to myself, “Well self, that is just about perfect.” Image credits  1  2 This is particularly important for a person such as myself who uses my sheet to keep monsters

Happy Sparkly 4th of July!

There are lots of things to love about the 4th of July.  It is obviously quite an important day for our country’s history, we get to eat hot dogs, hamburgers, and our weight in dessert without feeling guilty since it’s a holiday, and we get to spend time with our family and friends.  The list