Macro Lens on the Cheap

Camera equipment is expensive.  Particularly lenses, and particularly the ones that make your pictures look like angel beauties.  Megan and I both use our 50 mm 1.8 almost exclusively because it was reasonably priced and just way better than the lens they give you with an entry level DSLR, and I am quite happy with

The Print Shop

Exciting news friends!  The Two Delighted Print Shop is officially open.  Some of my favorite photographs from our Paris, Provence, and Charleston travels are available in framed and unframed prints as well as in iPhone covers.  I hope to eventually include some typographic prints as well as expand the photographs, but I’m pretty happy with

Hord Family Holiday Photo Session

This weekend I had the pleasure of taking holiday photos for the sweetest family.  The kids are seriously straight out of a catalog – it really doesn’t get any cuter.  Here are some of my favorites.

Holiday Pictures with Craig and Catrina

I’ve always wanted to do holiday cards.  They seem like such a nice way of saying “hi friend, I like you a whole lot and miss you dearly, and happy holidays.”  Don’t they?  Well I’ve never done them because if there is one thing I am lazy about it is cards of any kind.  Luckily,


While Meg has been painting her house (can you even believe she did that?  mind blowing), I have been getting my house back in order from the chaos that was the Halloween party.  I was sad to see the decorations go, but man am I ready for Christmas decorating.  I’m trying to keep the crazy


I have a confession.  Despite our southern heritage, Corey and I both pretty much despise country music.  I can sing along to a Taylor Swift song with the best of them but in general, I find anything CMT related to be intolerable.  But this weekend, I put aside my prejudice and actually found myself enjoying