Beaufort 2014

This weekend was our third annual trip to Beaufort, North Carolina.  The town was just as charming as ever, particularly with the azaleas in full bloom (is it just me or are they crazy beautiful this year?), and the weather on its best behavior.  One of my favorite parts of the weekend was when we

The Happiness Project

I actually bought The Happiness Project kind of by accident.  I was looking for another book the last time I was browsing around Target, and happened upon the yellow colored cover instead.  I was kind of down in the dumps that day (for who knows what reason), and I said “sure, happy, sounds good.”  The


Ever since I downloaded the Waterlogue app on Tuesday, I have been compulsively turning all of my favorite pictures into watercolor masterpieces.  It is completely knocking my socks off.  I have big plans to print a bunch of these and frame them around my house.  Here are some of my favorites.  I think it is

Catsley Shacklebolt

So we got a baby kitten.  It has become even more difficult to go to work each day because staying home and watching Downton Abbey episodes while he cuddles under my neck seems way better.  He really likes Downton Abbey.  And is a bit of a food thief apparently, as he has already successfully batted

James Boyce Park

One of our new favorite places is James Boyce Park.  It seems a little bit like a secret, with running trails, soccer fields, and playgrounds all almost empty.  If you go deep enough into the trails, you feel like you are in the middle of a forest.  Corey and I visited on a rare warm

Photography Tips from an Enthusiast

One of the topics we have been asked about most often since we started this little blog of ours has been photography.  I’ve been a little hesitant to write any type of photography advice post because frankly I’m not really a photographer, I just really like to take pictures.  But Megan and I were discussing