New York on Film

A couple of weeks ago, the week of my birthday actually, Corey and I went to New York to see his favorite soccer team play at Yankees Stadium for his big 30th birthday present.  Even though watching a soccer game is not always top on my list of things of things to do, seeing a

My first roll of film

I’ve wanted to try shooting film for a while, pretty much as soon as I realized that most of my favorite photographers take pictures primarily or completely with a film camera.  Jose Villa, Tec Petaja, Jen Huang, and Allison Kuhn (based out of Charlotte and completely amazing) to name a few.  Their images are so fresh

California Trip 2014: Pacific Coast Highway

We spent two full days driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles on the breathtaking Pacific Coast Highway.  We fell in love with Big Sur, hiking through fields and streams to find hidden beaches and purchasing multiple desserts apiece at the Big Sur Bakery.  But most importantly, we met a man with a bunny on his head.  Best

California Trip 2014: San Francisco

After our California trip, San Francisco has quickly risen to the top of the list of the places I would most like to live.  What I appreciated most was that everything was beautiful (the architecture, landscaping, parks on every corner) while also being functional, eco-friendly, and just plain smart.  The public transportation was so easy

California Trip 2014: Yosemite

After a long drive from LA (and some car sickness on my part), Jim, Elyse, Corey, and I arrived at our cabin in Yosemite, complete with an indoor fireplace for s’mores and charming wildlife themed decorations.  The next several days were spent hiking, driving, and wandering to see as much of the park as we could.

The Earls Family

On Sunday, I got together with Craig, Catrina, and Abby to take a couple of family photos.  Corey, ever the faithful assistant, kept Abby interested by making strange noises behind my back.  Very effective.  Here are some of my favorites.