Holiday Cards 2013

Our holiday cards arrived in the mail, and I had big plans to take pictures of the actual cards to show you guys how cute they turned out, but somehow completely forgot to do so.  Typical.  So instead of taking a picture, would you guys mind if I just showed you the proof that Minted

A Fresh Start

So you guys might notice that we are looking a little differently around here.  To be honest, we have been wanting to update our blog design for at least a year, but we never really wanted to spend a whole lot of money on it.  A custom blog update is super pricey (like hundreds to

To Do List

Every time I have a birthday, it is a reminder of the passage of time which seems to go more quickly each year.  I seriously feel like last year’s birthday was the day before yesterday.  It is very easy to find myself getting into a daily routine and sometimes I default to doing the same

Remembering Square One

Let’s face it.  Being an adult kinda sucks.  Our lives are completely saturated with responsibility and unfun things like work and bills and cleaning.  Every now and again I have these moments where I don’t really feel like myself, and I’ve recently decided that it is because I’ve stopped doing some of the things that

House Before

I like how I’m calling this post “before” when I know full and well that it’ll be years until we see an “after.”  I have been meaning to take pictures for you guys for the past several weekends and it just hasn’t happened, so I have decided to reside on the side of lazy and

For the Love of Friday – Moving Day

I always forget how bad moving is until I have to do it again.  Wouldn’t it be nice if it was glamorous and neat, like the pictures show below?  In reality, it is underwear hanging out of drawers and miscellaneous cords everywhere that could be important but who really knows.  Seriously y’all, I don’t even