For the Love of Friday

For the Love of Friday- All You Magazine Feature

Well we are feeling pretty fancy in our pants right now because one of our DIYs was featured in the holiday edition of All You Magazine.  We feel so honored that our little sparkle lanterns were selected.  I think the part that we like the most is that they made the picture of the DIY

For the Love of Friday- Well Read

While the majority of my yearly reading usually happens in the summer, fall and winter are definitely my favorite times of the year to read.  As it starts to get cooler outside and the darkness makes an earlier appearance (a little too early for my liking lately), I experience less guilt dedicating longer periods of

For the Love of Friday- My Little Halloween

Since our party is not at my house this year for the first time, I took the opportunity to relax a bit in my own Halloween decorating.  I may still do some more as October goes on or I may be so busy decorating Colleen’s house for the party that I just leave it be.

That is One Bad Chick

I have a friend named Julie, and she’s kind of my hero.  Last year she decided to train for an Ironman Half Triathlon in Raleigh.  That is 1.2 miles of swimming, 56 miles of biking, and then running a half marathon.  (I was a total bonehead and wrote that she completed a full triathlon when she

For the Love of Friday- Halloween Purchasing

My need to purchase Halloween items could be compared to most girls’ need to purchase shoes.  As a result, things tend to get a little out of control for me this time of year when all of the Halloween junk starts coming out in stores and online.  I am like a fiend for Halloween merchandise

For the Love of Friday- Practical Magic

It should really come as no surprise to people who know me best that I have always dreamed of becoming a witch.  Now no one needs to get all worried or worked up about this.  I am not talking about a devil worshipping and curse casting kind of witch.  I am really mostly talking about