Easter Quickie

We don’t typically do a lot of Easter decorating around here and to be honest with you, I am not really sure why.  Something about all the pastels together in one place has never really appealed to me I suppose.  The super dumbest thing about my lack of Easter decorating is that I LOVE bunnies.

Irish Place Cards and Table Numbers {Free Printables}

Since Pete and Sarah’s rehearsal dinner had an irish theme, Megan wanted the paper products to have some sort of irish symbol, potentially in the form of a gaelic knot.  I found this gaelic knot paintbrush that seemed perfect for the place cards that we paired with an irish font requested by Pete’s mom Susan.  For the

Pete and Sarah’s Irish Rehearsal Dinner

As I mentioned last week, one of my best friends got married this weekend and I was honored to be asked by his mother to help her plan and coordinate the rehearsal dinner.  The wedding had an Irish theme because both Sarah and Pete come from Irish families so a wedding on the weekend of

An Irish Rehearsal Dinner

One of my best friends is getting married this weekend and his mother asked me to help her plan the rehearsal dinner.  The fact that the wedding takes place on the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day is not an accident.  These people are very Irish and St. Patrick’s Day is pretty much the groom’s favorite

A Love Brunch

As I mentioned last week when I was playing around with table ideas, I had a few of my girlfriends over on Saturday to have a Valentine’s Day brunch.  Valentine’s Day is without a doubt the girliest holiday so it kinda just makes sense to celebrate it with some of your favorites ladies, right?  Anyways we

Harry Potter Party Signage {Free Printables}

As we’ve already said (probably too many times), we think one of the easiest ways to make an event special, or in the case of a Harry Potter party, authentic, is with good signage.  I spent a ridiculous number of hours over the past month making all of the signs for the party, from the