Colleen’s house

Black or Blue in the Bedroom

For a while there, we were painting rooms like madmen.  We finished the entire downstairs and stairway before Corey and I got tired and decided to take a little break.  Well I am finally ready to get back in action, mostly because the second floor is embarrassingly barren and I want it to stop being

Simple Christmas Decorations

Ah Christmas Eve.  Isn’t it lovely?  There are few things better than a full day planned of cookie baking and puzzling.  I hope you are all home from work and spending the day with your families and friends.  Although my decorations aren’t quite as detailed as Megan’s (and let’s be honest, whose are?), I wanted

Scripted Wreath {DIY}

This Christmas, I wanted to keep my decorations really simple.  I didn’t want anything too cluttered, just pretty lights and greenery.  After buying a couple of garlands and LED lights for the outside of the house, things were starting to get expensive.  So instead of continuing to buy fake greenery, I decided to make my

Christmas Tree Basket {DIY}

As with all of my home decorating purchases, I’ve decided to make purchasing a tree skirt entirely more complicated than it needed to be.  I started out thinking I was going to buy a simple burlap one from West Elm, but then it quickly sold out.  Then I stumbled upon this basket tree skirt from

Picking out a rug already

Remember that time I was picking out a rug for our family room and couldn’t make up my freaking mind?  No?  Well I do, because it’s been like this whole year.  Ridiculous.  I wrote this post forever ago and could never pull the trigger on any of them.  Then when it started getting cold I

Fresh Lighting

My new light fixtures have been installed and I am amazed at how big of a difference it makes.  I was feeling pretty impressed with Corey and I when we were able to install the big chandelier and the flush mount with only minor headaches that I figured the pendant above the sink would be