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My Makeup Vanity

Want to know how to feel like a fancy grown up? Get a makeup vanity. It actually makes me want to put on makeup in the morning. Kind of. This is the first corner of the bedroom that I feel is 100% complete after we painted last year, my mom DIYed our roman shades, and I


Dream Bathroom

It is pretty hard to believe that it has been almost a year and a half since I have done anything new to my bathroom.  At that time, I painted the vanity (which I posted about here), and after that I was feeling pretty good about things for awhile.  But now I am bored again


Ombre Art {DIY}

Well let me start by saying I have no delusions that I am some kind of artist.  I realize that this will be the second art canvas (and the second ombre thing) that I am posting.  What I actually am is too cheap to shell out dough for all the beauty abstract art that I