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For the Love of Friday- Practical Magic

It should really come as no surprise to people who know me best that I have always dreamed of becoming a witch.  Now no one needs to get all worried or worked up about this.  I am not talking about a devil worshipping and curse casting kind of witch.  I am really mostly talking about the kind of witch that can make magical cookies or light a candle by blowing or something like that.  I go to sleep most nights with a small hope that I will wake up and it will be so.  A few summers ago, in jest and when I was being silly, I went through this phase when I called things “practical magic” pretty frequently (I am aware this is quite dorky and I should be ashamed to discuss it but I am surely not).  In part because of my obsession with the movie but also because I just like the idea of practical magic.  Even though I was not quite sure what it was.

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At the beginning of the summer, right before and when I was in Europe, I got on this reading kick with a very fun and light author called Sarah Addison Allen and I very quickly read three of her books with my favorites being The Girl Who Chased the Moon and Garden Spells.  Her books walk the line between reality and fantasy in a way that I found to be very enchanting (and also reminded me a bit of the movie Practical Magic).  Many of her main characters possess a touch of magic but in a way that it almost seemed believable.  Examples include a man who loves cake so much he can smell it baking from miles away (so basically me) and a family of women who know the exact ingredients that need to be added to food to influence the people consuming it and impact their emotions.

After reading them, I thought to myself “That right there…that is practical magic.”  And I quite like that idea.  The idea that we may all possess our own unique magic.  Or that maybe even though most happenings have a scientific explanation, they may be helped along by something else preternatural as well.  Things like the scent of lavender causing us to relax, or the visible light sparks made by freshly laundered clingy sheets when you pull them loose from each other.  Or maybe even a person knowing just the right amount of vanilla to add to a recipe to make it taste like heaven without having to measure.  I think I sometimes prefer to think of the world that way and why not really?  It certainly makes everyday events seem just a bit more special.

What do you guys think?  Do you suspect you could have a secret magical gift?

Make sure to do something spellbinding with it this weekend and have a delightful Labor Day!


  1. Taylor

    I just adore you. Such a perfectly perfect Megan post. If anyone has practical magic abilities, I’m sure it is you.