Ribbon Sign {DIY}

As I mentioned before, Meg and I went to a photography workshop late last year taught by Abigail.  What I didn’t mention was that we didn’t realize we were going until Abigail called me the week of the workshop to invite us as guests.  It basically made our month.  We scurried up to Greensboro that Saturday morning, note taking utensils in hand.  It really came at an opportune time because Corey was giving me a Canon Rebel for Christmas that I could barely turn on.  What we loved about the workshop was that she didn’t talk over our heads.  She showed us a few simple things we could do that would make a huge difference.  While I am not winning any photography awards in the near future, I can comfortably say that the difference in my pictures since then is nothing short of amazing.  Meg and I were so grateful to her for the opportunity that we wanted to do something nice.  Not just send a card, but make her something special.  So we decided to make a sign for her office/workshop in the colors on her website with pretty ribbons.  Because ribbons make everything better.

What you’ll need:

– Chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby (make sure you know what letters you need before to know the number of packages to buy)

– Spray paint in chosen color

– Several rolls of ribbon (we used 5)

– Hot glue gun with glue sticks

– Wooden dowel rod

– Thin ribbon to hold the sign

What you’ll do:

1) Spray paint the necessary chipboard letters in chosen color.  We picked silver because it was a nice neutral to go with our colorful ribbon.

2) Decide pattern for the ribbon.  Start on the end of the dowel rod.  Wrap the end of the first ribbon around the rod and hot glue in place.  Lay out letters to see how long the ribbon needs to be for all letters to fit.  Cut the ribbon.  Right next to the initial piece of ribbon, wrap around a second piece and glue.  Cut the ribbon.  Continue until the ribbon goes all the way across the dowel rod.  Cut the edges of the ribbon so they are pretty even.  Our ribbon actually ran out before the end of the rod.  Luckily, all the letters fit and we got our dad to saw off the end of the rod.  If you have any ribbon that is curling up, put some heavy books on it to flatten.  Our problem child was the yellow striped ribbon.  Too bad it was so cute or we would have booted it.

3) Arrange the letters on top of the ribbon how you would like them.  It would be better to do this on newspaper so you don’t make a mess.  Make sure your glue gun is hot and you have plenty of glue sticks hanging around.  Glue your first letter in multiple places all over the letter.  The more places, the better, because then the letter will be more likely to stay on.  QUICKLY place the letter on its selection position on the ribbon.  Hold the ribbon taught while you are gluing the letter.  Continue with the next letter by gluing and placing right next to the initial one.  Again, make sure to hold the ribbon taught so they line up correctly.  Continue until all of the letters are glued on.

4) If you have any finicky ribbon that doesn’t stay down, you can glue weights to the back at the bottom.  Just make sure they aren’t visible in the front.

5) To be able to hang the sign, wrap the thin ribbon around each dowel end and then tie the ribbon pieces together at the top.

There you have it!  Pretty cute right?  While making it, we were almost positive that the ribbons were going to hang really weird since the glue was holding them together.  Thankfully, the final product hangs really nicely.


  1. Blair

    such a cute idea! I want to make one for Ava’s room! Plus, I just got a new glue gun. :o)

  2. stephanie g

    That was a great gift.

  3. Abigail Seymour

    I absolutely ADORE this sign, and I was so touched that you made it for me! You two are amazing, and your how-to photos are awesome — I can see some delicious depth of field in there — kudos! Thank you, thank you again. xoxoxo

  4. Lindsey Regan Thorne @ be pretty

    I am constantly blown away by your and Megs creativity! Y’all are just rocking it! 🙂 I’m sure she loved it to pieces! I’ve noticed how well your picture taking has become! Ya’ll ROCK! 🙂 xo

  5. Jean Wilks

    Thanks for sharing! Beautiful work!!!! So creativity!!! So nice to see Sisters having so much fun; wish I could drop in and share some time with you!
    Aunt Jean

  6. marilyn

    Another impressive display!!! So creative.

  7. Taylor

    Oooo I love this! And i have to agree… Your instructions are so easy to follow. Makes me feel like I can craft anything! haha 🙂

  8. Colleen

    Gosh guys, you are making us blush!! Thank you! Jean, you can drop in anytime! Abigail, I think I can now die happy since you just complemented our pictures. We love you! Lindsey, thank you, we love you, see you soon :)! Blair, you should def do one for Ava’s room! That would be so cute!

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