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In my humble opinion, cake=good, shiny=good, and therefore, by applying the principles of math and physics, shiny cake=next level over the moon good.  I seem to be seeing them quite a lot lately.  And that is just fine with me.

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 I am really digging the smooth copper metallic look of the first cake.  I wonder what they do to make it look like it’s melting like that?  What do ya’ll think of metallic cakes?  Would you use one at your wedding or special event?

  1. marilyn

    Most definitely! But how do you get it so shiney?

  2. Stephanie G

    yes! You can spray paint with edible paint.

  3. Lindsay

    I really like this look. My favorite is the gold polka dot one. I would totally do this for my wedding or for a super fun birthday party! I wonder how it tastes?? I feel like sometimes frosting can taste kind of bitter if it has too much coloring in it so that makes me nervous about the metallic since it’s so bold.

  4. Taylor

    These sure are fancy! I LOVE the crazy, melty one.