Snowy Glitter Branches {DIY}

I went to West Elm with Colleen the other week and as we were ogling the Christmas decorations I spotted these…

Which I realize don’t look all that fantastic in this picture, but in person are super shiny sparkle beauties.  One could say that I am a fan of glitter.  Anything shiny really.  This got my wheels turning (never a good thing) and I decided I would sparkle my own sticks.  Somehow, this evolved into an idea for turning them into some sort of a snowy woodland fairy mantlepiece.  I am blaming the movie “Legend” for giving me this idea.  If you haven’t seen it, you are missing out on something pretty special.

And so I began my fairy stick adventure.

What you’ll need:

1) Small tree branches and sticks of varying sizes (depends on how big you want it to be)

2) Silver spray paint (at least that’s what I envisioned)

3) Krylon Glitter Blast Glitter Spray (found at Hobby Lobby)

4) Spray adhesive (I used Elmer’s)

5) Glitter

6) Some kind of tape (I used electrical) and branch clippers (I am sure there is a more technical term for this)

7) Philips LED 30 light warm white light strand (found at Target)

What you’ll do:

1)  Head out into the wilderness with clippers in hand in search of beauty tree branches and long sticks.  Mine were stolen from common area in neighborhood.  Probably illegal so don’t tell Corey (Colleen’s policeman husband).  Schlep them home.

2)  Decide what type of arrangement you want for the branches and sticks and start taping them together and trimming as needed

 Yes, I know it looks crappy right now.  Don’t give up on me yet.

3) Take outside for spray paint process.  Start by spraying silver.  I sprayed white initially and it was terrible so disregard white paint in picture.  Make sure it is pretty well covered with paint on all sides.  Let dry.

4) Spray with glitter blast spray.  Mine said it would “create an intense sparkling glitter finish.”  That definitely sounded like the ticket.  Drum roll please.

What the?  Can you tell a difference?  Maybe a smidge, but I was expecting something comparable to Edward’s beauty skin sparkles.  This was not it.  I think if I had left the branches dark it may have showed up better.  C’est la vie.

5) Time to cut your losses and move on.  I used my spray adhesive and sprinkled some glitter to add to the sparkle fairy factor.  This was better.  Let it dry and then it is time to shake off the excess.

6) Take your LED white lights and wrap them around your branches.

I decided to string mine up above my fireplace mantle with invisible cord and small command hooks on the ceiling to attach them to.

This is what my mantle looks like right now, but since I’m a serial mantle re-arranger I can’t make any promises it will stay this way until Christmas.

 I am pretty happy with how it turned out despite an epic glitter failure along the way.  Things we have learned today:

1) Don’t let me watch any more movies with fairies until Christmas is over.

2) Maybe the $8 splurge on glitter spray was not worth my while and from now on I need to stick with my Martha glitter cause she never steers me wrong.  I’ll let you make the decision about whether you want to make the splurge yourselves.



  1. Juana

    Where did u get your snowflakes?