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Friday Wins

Friday, August 22, 2014

Happy happy Friday!  Thought I would pop in to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.  This weekend, Colleen and I have a last minute outdoor movie night planned at her house.  However, due to a crappy forecast, the outdoor portion of that plan might have to be removed.  Boooooo.   We aren’t doing much because we are both swamped right now with work, etc., but we are throwing together a couple special little touches

Movie night before blogHope everyone has a spectacular weekend.  Or at least a relaxing one.


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Who run the world

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

So the word on the street is that last Saturday was International Women’s Day.  We like that because we are really big fans of women.  We may have a small bias here but we just think that women pretty much rule the world.  We are capable of accomplishing so many large and earth shattering or small and subtle things with such strength, style, grace, and love.  And we do it all day every day.  So y’all make sure to take some time today and celebrate yourselves and other extraordinary women you know.  And if you already did it on Saturday, then you should probably just go on and do it again because you deserve it.

Meanwhile we will be over here listening to Beyonce preach.


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For the Love of Friday- A Satisfactory Weekend

Friday, January 24, 2014

So, I have been thinking long and hard about my to do list for this weekend and I have decided we should…

A Satisfactory Weekend final

Start out our Saturday by having a kitty lay in.  We should finish up the Harry Potter book that we are re-reading with fuzzy babies on our belly.  For at least an hour, I think.  Then when we finally get out of bed, we should probably call our girlfriends and demand they drop their plans and meet us for brunch at our favorite French restaurant.  We will indulge in crepes and bottomless mimosas and most likely also some of those puffy pastries with the strawberry sauce until we are feeling very full and a little silly.  And also caught up on all the good gossip.  On the way home, we will swing by the fancy grocery store to buy ingredients for an afternoon of cupcake baking.  We may also pick up a gourmet pizza for our dinner.  When we get home we will put on our new apron so we feel like Martha and bake the yummiest and moistest cupcakes that anyone has ever eaten.  Then we will eat 3 or 4 for our afternoon snack while snuggling under several blankets perched in our favorite chair by the fire.  We will remember to fix ourselves a glass of milk to go with them before we sit down so we don’t have to get back up once we have kitties making biscuits in our laps.  It is then that we notice that it has started to snow.  Big fat snowflakes falling at a nice consistent pace.  The ground will start to turn white and we will decide that this is probably the perfect time to pop in It’s A Wonderful Life because there is really no better movie to watch while it is snowing outside.  Christmas or not.  Then we will consume our pizza while we watch Jimmy Stewart.  We will think to ourselves that while this may not have been a very skinny day, it most certainly has been a satisfactory one.


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