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New York on Film

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, the week of my birthday actually, Corey and I went to New York to see his favorite soccer team play at Yankees Stadium for his big 30th birthday present.  Even though watching a soccer game is not always top on my list of things of things to do, seeing a game at such an iconic location was pretty fantastic.  We stayed at my friend Kyle’s gorgeous apartment in the West Village and took full advantage of the local eateries.  I think we ate at almost all of them.  Kyle made us the sweetest little map with delicious foods to eat, things to do, and places to go, which we followed line by line.  The girl has good taste.  Some of our favorites were Big Gay Ice Cream (every bit as fabulous as you would hope), I sodi (the best lasagna you will ever have), the Meatball Shop, the Grey Dog, and Cafe Cluny.  There is something extra special about a getaway in the middle of the week, particularly to New York.

These were all either Portra 400 or Portra 800 taken on my Mamiya 645, and processed and scanned by The Find Lab.















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Weekend in Charleston

Monday, July 21, 2014

This past weekend I had a a lovely little trip to Charleston with my boyfriend that consisted mostly of wandering and eating with a morning trip to the beach.  It was nice to get away and see one of my favorite cities.  We stayed at the Fulton Lane Inn, which was quite nice, if not a little noisy with street traffic as our room was right off of King Street.  Other than that, we had a great experience there and I particularly enjoyed the complimentary breakfast delivered to our room along with a lazy Saturday morning of catching up on the Charleston newspaper.

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Dreaming of Amsterdam

Thursday, July 10, 2014

There are about a million places that I would like to travel to, and for some reason Amsterdam has never really been at the top of my list.  Maybe it is because all I’ve heard about it is the red light district, which isn’t really my scene.  I’m more of a historic building and museum kind of gal.  After watching The Fault in our Stars, I became desperate to get there.  In between sobs (man I pretty much cried through that whole movie), I started to decide that the city would be one of my next trips.  A leisurely bike ride along some picturesque canals seems just about perfect.  Have any of you guys been?  Did you love it?


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