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Serial Obsession

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Okay y’all.  We have some serious business to discuss.  Have you listened to Serial?  I know it has become a nationwide phenomenon but being that I only heard about it for the first time a few weeks ago, I figure there could be a few other stragglers as well.  It’s a podcast, which is probably why I hadn’t heard of it previously.  I was like, “I don’t know how to do a podcast.”  Turns out it is the easiest thing ever.  And free.  You just go to the website and you click on each episode and it plays it.  Or you can download them.  Whatever.  The point is, if I can figure it out then you can figure it out.  And if you haven’t listened to it and enjoy true crime stories, murder mysteries, court cases, etc., go, go, go and start listening right now!  I mean it!  If you work at it diligently, it will take you a day or two and then come back here and tell me what you think.  But stop reading here cause I don’t want to spoil anything for you newbies.  Facts are y’all, I have become obsessed.  I have listened to the whole series twice and I wouldn’t put it a past me to go for a third time around.  It’s just sooooo interesting.  I have been voraciously reading and listening to any article, review, whatnot I can get my little hands on since I finished.  And since I am desperate to discuss it at length with anyone and everyone, I thought maybe I would see if y’all wanted to talk with me.  Please… Spoilers below.  You’ve been warned.

Serial-Podcast-Logo-serial-podcast-37746500-500-500Larson-Serial-690Okay so the deal is this… I really like Adnan.  I think he seems like a nice, normal guy.  It is apparent to me that Jay is a pathological liar.  Even more so after reading his recent interview (link below).  The dude lies like crazycakes and he apparently can’t stop.  I also don’t like the way he sounded when you heard him being interviewed or telling his account under oath on the stand.  Cause I feel like I can hear the lies in his voice and the thinking and rethinking and groping for information that will help his story.  I also hate the way the detectives handled the case.  Based on discussion with the expert detective in the series, it was explained that they often just pick the most likely scenario or the scenario that they have the most information to support and build a case based on that occasionally ignoring some other information that may not seem significant to their case.  I hate that.  However, being that my brother in law is a detective (not homicide) and I have spent time listening to him talk about his job, I also totally understand the necessity and pragmatics of it.  It is easy for joe shmo off the street to say that is wrong, but we also really don’t understand their job and how it works at all.  Nor do we understand anything about their training or being a detective.  I imagine being a homicide detective is an exceptionally difficult and pressure filled job.  I read this interview with the prosecutor from the case and it helped me to better understand why Jay’s lies weren’t so important to them.  However, I still want Adnan to be innocent.  It was so endearing to me the way he spoke to Sarah Koenig at certain times throughout the series about how he can understand the other side of the case, and he seems so self aware in moments during interviews.  I also like how he said that the thing he wanted most after he was found guilty was for people to trust him again and not think he was a terrible person.  I can relate to that because I think that’s how I would feel.  He doesn’t seem to exhibit any feelings of vengeance that I can tell which is what I think would be the number one feeling for someone who was a sociopath.  All this being said, I still can’t help shake the thought that he may just be guilty.  There are holes to his story and I can’t ignore that he has conveniently “forgotten” everything that happened on the afternoon and evening in question.  It seems like he may just not be giving any specific information so he doesn’t get caught in a lie.  I also can’t help but feel there is so much to this story we still don’t know.  Aaaaahhh!!  The world is so gray and ambiguous and sometimes it makes things so frustrating.  Anyways, enough of my rambling.  What do y’all think?  Help me work through this ambiguity, would ya?

Also, I hope upon hopes that there is some DNA that gives them more information.

Here are some of the other articles I have read if anyone has any interest…

Jay’s recent interviews, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3… good grief.

Interview with Adnan’s family

Prosecutor’s interview

A podcast basically ripping apart Sarah Koenig from a perspective of someone who think Adnan is guilty… I’m trying to be fair but they are talking about my girl and that pissed me off.  There is a whole mess of these Serial Serial review podcasts with different perspectives for you to listen to.

Rabia Chaundry’s thoughts on Jay’s interview

Petition for another trial for Adnan… If you think he deserves one.



Gift Guide Round-Up

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I had every intention of making a gift guide for you guys.  I really did.  But when I saw the wealth of gift guides already available, I thought it would be better to just share my favorites with you.  There is some really good stuff happening here.

Creature Comforts is probably my favorite blog right now.  Ez is constantly bring new and inspiring content, and every single one of her posts is like a work of art.  Lots o pretty.  She made several great gift guides this year, including stocking stuffers, for her, and for him.  My most favorite was the Holiday Wrap and Cards Guide, which had me drooling all the way down the page.

The ever adorable Liz of Sequins and Stripes went to town on gift guides this year, from For the Hostess and Stocking Stuffers to For the Office and the Holiday Obsessed.  Such a bevy of fantastic ideas.  Love the 50 under $50 guide for gifts for close girlfriends.

To and From is a brand new gift magazine created by a bunch of bloggers.  It is 142 pages and filled to the brim with tons of gift collages for inspiration.

Finally, although this isn’t really a gift guide, I wanted to mention this neat website called Wantful that Bri from DesignLoveFest mentioned the other day.  So you put in who you are shopping for and how much you want to spend, and then you narrow down to optimal gift selections based on the tastes of your gift receiver (i.e., style, neatness, hobbies).  In the end, your loved one receives a book with different gift choices so they can redeem whichever gift suits their fancy.  Pretty cool right?

Any gift guides I missed?  Who are you guys having trouble shopping for this year?







Wedding Things You Should Know About

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

During the wedding planning process, one might say that I did some research.  Approximately 100,000 hours worth.  Okay maybe not that much, but really almost.  I searched and searched all of the wedding blogs/ vendors/ magazines to make sure I knew all my options and that everything I did was exactly what I wanted.  It’s a sickness people.  There are some resources I used that I now assume everyone knows about, but I guess not everyone spends their entire life in the blog world so they might not know.  Just in case you don’t, here they are.

1) Free Stuff.  The free printables from the Wedding Chicks are incredible.  They have invitations, save the dates, and tons of other cute paper products for FREE.  I unfortunately didn’t use any of them, but I die over the cuteness every time they put out a new one.  They also have fantastic DIYs, really cute personalized canvas bags that you can buy, and just general wedding beauty inspiration.  Brides really just need to be reading this blog.

This was a free thank you card that I just customized using our wedding colors and names to show you an example. For free people.

Also love this chalkboard place card printable.  We like this one so much that we used it as inspiration for our DIY cupcake toppers we will show you tomorrow.

2)  Etsy for wedding decor.  Use it.  I know that some of you have read some of our wedding related posts and said “there is no way I have time for that.”  Totally understandable that you don’t want to spend every weekend for a year crafting your christmas.  Megan and I are a strange breed.  So, in lieu of hours upon hours of crafting, you can use other peoples crafts to decorate your wedding.  The sheer amount of genius on etsy is pretty much astounding.  Paper products, invitations, jewelry, wedding signs, and veils.  You name it, they got it.  Here are some of my very favorite etsy shops.

I have a special place in my heart for Love to Create Stamps.  I purchased our stamp that we used on our save the dates, invites, and thank you notes from this shop.  So cute.  They don’t seem to have the one we used anymore, but I super love this one too.

I love garland of any kind.  Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard has a bunch of different types of garland for really reasonable prices.  I adore this music notes version.

Clearly I am in a black and white mood, and I have always been a sucker for kraft paper, so I love JoBlake’s entire shop.  Particularly these adorable little tags.

Another great place to look for decor is 100 Layer Cake’s marketplace.  Past brides sell their gently used items, and I am always seeing the most gorgeous decor there.

3)  Bridal Accessories.  I fell in love with four bridal accessories shops while I was engaged.  So much so, that I spent half a year agonizing over which accessory to wear in my hair because there were so many options.  Oh crazy brides.  You guys might already know about all of these, but if you don’t, you really need to.

Ban Do (where I bought my hair accessory)

Twigs and Honey.  Isn’t this headband gorgeous?

Bhldn, aka Anthro’s wedding sister store, has accessories, wedding dresses, rehearsal dinner dresses, and shoes.  This is where I got my earrings from.  They aren’t there anymore, but check out these beauties.  Also, Bhldn has some gorgeous (albeat expensive) decor as well.

Untamed Petals.  When I first saw this headband, I thought “this is it!”  Alas, in the end, we decided it was too much with my dress.  And also, I wanted to wear a veil which I thought would look kind of weird with it.

4)  Invitations are a tricky business.  Especially if you fall in love with letterpress and then realize it is 50 million dollars.  I somehow stumbled upon The Aerialist Press, which is really reasonably priced, and still just as beautiful as all the other letterpress companies.  I knew they were my invitation company for sure when I found out they are eco-friendly and use fabric remnants from garment factories that are normally discarded for the paper.  Apparently other people have fallen in love with them as well because they are now a Style Me Pretty, Ruffled, Knotty Bride, 100 Layer Cake, and Wedding Chicks preferred vendor.  Here is one of my favorite suites, called Stella.  Funny that the bride’s name is Colleen.  Also, not sure if I mentioned this, but if you super love our invitations, they actually made our design into a house suite called Verdant.  Pretty cool right?

If you are more into the flat printed look, I really like Love vs. Design and Minted.  Love vs. Design is really great because it allows you to either pay them to print the invites and send them to you, or for much cheaper, just print it yourself.  They also have programs, table cards, menus, and thank you cards.  And look at this adorable free mad lib printable that they are offering on their blog.

 Minted has some really beautiful options as well.  And I love that you can print on recycled paper.  This is one of my favorites.

Hope this was helpful!  Anyone else have any fantastic wedding resources we need to know about??


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