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It’s Monday

Monday, May 19, 2014

Why hello.  It’s Monday today.  Just figured I would pop in for a quick post to let you all know that.  In case you had forgotten.  Colleen is still in California and I am still at my house.  But I managed to have a perfect weekend that included cupcake baking, a viewing of Godzilla and eating of Milk Duds, a hiking expedition to Crowder’s Mountain, a nice little dinner party with a few friends, cupcake eating, and then a lazy lazy Sunday.  Man do I wish I had brought my camera to Crowder’s as it was lovely, however, we took the Rocktop Trail back from the summit and parts of it included scaling some serious rocks so I may have broken it.  That would suck.  Anyways, I did take a couple pictures of my table setting which I felt pretty good about even though it was super simple and just included some glasses, linens, etc. that I already had.  Sometimes when I am trying to decorate for something it is fun and exciting to buy new things and make crafts.  But it is also cool to remind yourself what a pretty little setup you can create with things that you already had laying around and in the 25 minutes before your guests arrive.  The flowers I bought on my grocery trip to Trader Joe’s this week but the real star of the tablescape was the gurgling cod pitcher.  It was given to me by some of my best friends a couple years ago when I was so jealous of one they had received for their wedding.  Aren’t they thoughtful and generous?  There is something really satisfying about the glug glug glug sound it makes when it pours water.  The cupcakes I baked for dessert were strawberry basil with strawberry basil cream cheese frosting.  They were delicious if I don’t say so myself and I will be sharing the recipe later this week.

Gurgling Cod dinner 2 blog

Gurgling Cod dinner 3 blog

Gurgling Cod dinner cupcakes blog

Let’s keep our chins up now.  It is a Monday but this weekend is Memorial Day weekend and therefore a long one for many of us.  We can make it!



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A Very Green Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Every year, Colleen and I are put in charge of setting our family’s Thanksgiving table.  This arrangement is fine with us as it is a task we very much enjoy.  Between decorating and cooking/coordinating a meal for 15, I will take the decorating any day of the week.  Last year, we did a lovely neutral table mockup and actual Thanksgiving tablescape that we still quite enjoy, but this year we thought it would be fun to add some color.  What better color to add than one of the most lovely colors (in our opinion)? Our actual tablescape will not look quite exactly like this because we are far too cheap to actually go out and buy all of this stuff.  But it sure is fun to pretend, isn’t it?

Green Thanksgiving_edited-2


1.  Lotus Dinnerware- I actually have some dinnerware myself that looks very similar to this and I love it.  It looks great with everything.

2.  Gradient dinner plate-  This friend is just lovely and is on sale.  Maybe we can consider buying him?

3.  Corsage dessert plate-  My you are good lookin.  This is one of those things that gets prettier the longer you look at it.  I wasn’t blown away at first sight but have slowly fallen completely in love.

4.  Dervish Stemware-  So what if half of this stuff is from Anthropologie.  Can you blame me?

5.  Image source

6. Etched Antique Mercury Glass Pumpkin-  We may not put these exact pumpkins on the table but I assure you there will be some.  It almost just doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving without them.  Thanksgiving is my last great hurrah with pumpkins for the year.  Until January.

7.  Rose Gold Flatware Set-  Good grief.  I have been lusting after this since first seeing it.  I am not entirely sure it goes with the rest of this stuff but by George I was gonna make it go.

8.  Metal taper candle holder

9. Yummi candles in sage- This website has some pretty great options for colored candles.

What do you guys have planned for your Thanksgiving table?


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Easter Quickie

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We don’t typically do a lot of Easter decorating around here and to be honest with you, I am not really sure why.  Something about all the pastels together in one place has never really appealed to me I suppose.  The super dumbest thing about my lack of Easter decorating is that I LOVE bunnies.  Really I have an obsession and taking me to the bunny house at the state fair is never a good idea.  I want desperately to have them ALL.  That’s neither here nor there though.  The reason I have really gathered you all here today is not feed my need for bunnies but to discuss quickie Easter tablescapes.  Lots of families get together for Easter and it is always nice to have something a little bit special to decorate the table with.  If you, like us, don’t have a lot of Easter paraphernalia (Can you believe that word has an “r” in it?  I would never have guessed) but want to fluff your table a little, here are a few simple ideas for doing it.

Obviously if you ever want to make anything look good, just copy most anything Martha does and this is no exception.  Hop over to Trader Joe’s or your local grocery store and buy several cheap bunches of flowers and place each type in their own vase just like Martha did.  Repeating types is good too.  Obviously not this many unless you want to be empty in your bank account.

Use some simple stuff you already have and invest in one new item that seems like an Easter table super star such as some crazy good lookin napkins or this platter that is pretty much to die for.  Actually at some point this week, Cassandra from Coco + Kelley will be sharing how she dyed these napkins to look like angels herself.  So you can also buy some cheapy white napkins and stalk her blog until you can DIY those suckers.

Image credit

Cut some greens from outside and stick some babies breath in it just like I did for the rehearsal dinner I helped plan.   Bonus points for sparkly chevron tablecloths.

Image credit

Stick a little egg at everyone’s place with some babies breath tucked under it.  Is it just me or does babies breath make everything better?

Another little gem from Cassandra’s Easter table of beauty.  Dye or gold leaf some fancy eggs and stick them in the middle of the table with some candles or something else simple and call it a day.  Eggs this pretty can stand on their own, I think.



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