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Classic Coats

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fun fact: we still write Christmas lists to Santa.  Obviously, they go to our parents and are filled with more practical things than what they used to contain (like bubblegum machines and popcorn tins – yes I was a fat kid), but my parents still write “from Santa” on our presents.  I love it.  If I could, I would totally stay a kid forever because obviously being a grown up is the worst.  The big item on my list this year will be a ladylike coat.  The hard part is finding one that I love because once I decide I want to want something, I become just unbelievably picky about it.  I don’t know why I have to make everything harder than it is.  Here are some of the contenders.  I’m leaning towards either the Loft one at the top right or the Mango one.  Thoughts?

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Seeing Stripes

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy Tuesday y’all!  Ok so Tuesday isn’t quite as happy as Friday but I’m feeling footloose and fancy free since I finally took the PE exam on Friday and I can be a normal person not studying at night.  Everyone keep their fingers crossed that I passed so I don’t have to do that again.  Instead of studying I have been quite content to listen to Taylor Swift on repeat (don’t hate, the girl can write a song) and search for Halloweeny things to watch.  Also, it seems that the world wants me to purchase striped things.  That tunic has been in my cart for weeks.  It might be time to pull the trigger.


One  /  Two  /  Three  /  Four  /  Five

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Fall Things

Friday, September 5, 2014

It was a rude awakening when we got back from Seattle on Sunday and were greeted by 100 degree temperatures (coming from 60 degree temperatures).  This hot weather is for the birds.  I’m so over it.  You know what else I’m over?  Studying.  I am taking the Professional Engineering Exam in late October and am freaking out because google tells me that I’m supposed to study somewhere between 100 and 300 hours to be able to pass and I’ll be lucky if I hit 50.  I’m sorry if I have been more lame than usual because I’ve been trying to study 10 hours a week (ha!  laughable!) which means more time feeling sorry for myself with my head in a book and less time blogging about pretty things.  Also, we are not throwing a big Halloween bash this year.  We apologize ahead of time.  This is partially due to my anxiety about the exam and partially because we still need to nap from the effort of last year.  Next year will be amazing, I promise.  And Megan will still decorate her house to high heaven so you have that to look forward to I’m sure.

But let’s move onto fun things shall we?  Like all of the fall clothes that I want to wear.  Blazers and boots and corduroy. Oh yes, this will all be happening.

fall things_edited-1

1) Are blouses with Peter Pan collars over?  I never purchased one and I really love them so I am going to go ahead and not care if the world still likes them because I think they are adorable.

2) I have a major obsession with blazers so I am SO pumped to be able to start wearing them again.  My uniform in fall and winter has basically become skinny jeans and blazers and I think this blush number will make a nice addition to my collection.

3) Oh sweaters how I miss you.  Big and comfy and soft.  This striped cardigan is so lovely but let’s be honest probably too expensive for me to spend on a cardigan.  I will just admire from afar.

4) I literally lived in the cognac version of these boots last winter.  I’m talking I wore these things 4 times a week easy.  I bet these black high heeled boots would look amazing with jeans or a dress.

5) These shoes are amazing.  That is all.

6) I was desperate for a pair of corduroy skinnies last winter and never found a pair that I loved.  But they just seem so cozy.  Maybe a nice navy pair.  Or green?

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