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Hair Issues

Monday, August 4, 2014

Corey and I returned from New York last Thursday, and usually I would have a picture recap post for you ready and waiting, but I’ve started taking pictures with a film camera and still need to send the rolls of film off to the lab so I probably won’t post them for a couple of weeks.  I’ve wanted to learn how to shoot film forever and finally decided to ask Corey (and all of my family members) to purchase me a medium format camera for my birthday.  I’ve really loved it so far.  But since I have no pictures to show you, let’s move on to another subject that has been plaguing me.

My hair.  I’m pretty sure I’m doing it wrong.  Meg wrote that sweet birthday post last week with facts about me, one of them being that I have curly hair.  It’s really more curly/wavy on a good day and sometimes nothing at all, and I can never seem to get it to consistently look how I want it to.  I think this is a universal issue for curly/wavy girls, but since you guys are my people, I figured I’d see if anyone had any words of wisdom.

First and foremost, I think I wash my hair entirely too much, making it dry out and pretty much feel like sandpaper.  I wash it everyday, but all of my friends seem to wash theirs three times a week.  I get this if you have straight hair, but my hair gets even less curly on day 2.  So is there a way to have curly hair and not wash it every day?  Is that even a thing?  Which brings me to my second issue – my hair is ALWAYS wet.  Always.  It takes about 5 hours to dry so if I ready to go somewhere and don’t blow dry my hair (which I rarely do, but even if I dry it with a diffuser it will still be wet), then I look like a drowned rat for the majority of the party/dinner/oh definitely at work.  Is there some fancy trick to let your hair dry overnight and not look like a poodle?  Finally, I have yet to find a curling product/gel/mousse/cream/you name it that will keep my hair curly but not be crunchy.  If you have any advice on any of the above, I will be eternally grateful.


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Dresses for Weddings

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

At the end of August, Colleen and I are going to our cousin’s wedding in Seattle.  I am super excited as I have never been to the Pacific Northwest and the last time I saw most of my extended family was at Colleen’s wedding which was almost 3 years ago.  Yikes.  That went fast. My mom has 5 sisters so this side of the family is really big and we always have fun.  Anyways, I would really like to buy myself a nice new dress so I can feel pretty while I am at the wedding.  However, I have been having some difficulty.  Why is it that they make all summer dresses white?  How many white dresses do we really need?  Don’t they know that most of the time when we need a nice dress in the summer it is because we are going to a wedding and we can’t even wear white because then we look like a crazy person who is trying to steal the bride’s thunder??  Somebody needs to explain this to the dress makers.  I have found several that I like and I thought I would ask y’alls opinion about which one is most attractive to you.

Dresses for weddings_edited-1

1. I have been eyeing this one from Anthro for some time but I am not sure about the cut in the front and whether it would give me a weird boob situation like it kinda does to the model.  The back is cool.

2. This looks like Paris to me.

3. So the website says this is gray but I must admit it looks like it could be a little ivory-ish.  Too close to a wedding dress?

4.  I think this one is precious and an excellent cut for my body type.

5.  Jessica bringing it like usual with a pretty maxi dress.

6.  The watercolor and the pattern on this dress is gorg.

7.  This is simple and lovely and reasonably priced and could probably be worn again frequently.  But I must admit these backless dresses make me feel some anxiety.  I fear this would create a boob situation of a different kind.  What sorts of solutions do you guys have for holding things up and in in a dress like this?





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The many lipsticks of Emma Stone

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Right now, I have exactly one makeup look in my arsenal that I feel good about.  Red lipstick.  I’ve never been very adept at eye makeup, so pretty much anything I do looks exactly the same.  But if I put on some red lipstick, I feel like I’ve got my game face on.  Since it’s summertime, maybe I’ll add some fun colors into the mix like my girl Emma.



Sophisticated Emma / Fun Party Emma / Thoughtful Emma

Is there anyone more adorable in the world?  If I could be her, I would.  Instead I’ll just have to settle for watching Crazy Stupid Love on repeat.  Since we are kindred redhead spirits, I feel if she can wear bright colored lipstick then I can too.  Yes I realize she is naturally a blonde but I think red hair just looks better on her.  Ok now on to the lipstick!

Cherries in the Snow by Revlon (these are all Revlon by the way because I’m going to be cheap just in case they look terrible) – This will be for when I want to be dramatic and sophisticated, but still age appropriate, like I just came from the Oscars and had sparkling conversation with Meryl.  Because we are on first name basis obviously.

Stormy Pink by Revlon – A bright pink to show how I am hip and with it (I am neither) and probably about to go to a party at James Franco’s house except I wouldn’t because that guy seems like a tool.

Carnival Shine by Revlon – So bright corally orange seems like a bad idea, but look how pretty she looks.  All pensive like she is answering a thought provoking question about her method.  I should at least try it I think.

What about you guys?  Any crazy lipstick choices as of late?

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