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Herb Infused Cocktails

Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy happy Friday!  This weekend is supposed to be quite nice here in Charlotte so I have plans to do some planting of some things.  I intend to do a wide pot full of herbs again this year because I discovered that I made good use of the ones I planted last year. This year I am going to plant peppermint and lavender in their own separate pots and then parsley, basil, and rosemary all together again.  I don’t expect to use the rosemary much but I still have a super cute herb marker from last year for it so I figured why not?  I thought it might be fun to share some of the recipes I wanted to try with them this year and since it is Friday, I figured I better just go on ahead and discuss some cocktail type herb uses because I bet we could all use one.  There is nothing like fresh herbs to make a cocktail feel a little more special and taste extra fresh.  Here are some of the cocktails I would like to make using my herbs this year…


Image credits:  basil / lavender / mint

Basil French 75

Lavender Lemonade

Elderflower Mint Margarita

Also, here is a little tip for how to trim your basil so it keeps growing all summer.

If those aren’t good motivation to make an herb garden, then I just don’t know what is.  Have a lovely weekend!


Cat Friendly Plants

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

If you happen to be both a cat lover and a plant lover, you have probably already figured out that the majority of plants are actually toxic to cats.  Big bummer.  I will just have to pass on all of those gorgeous fiddle leaf figs that everyone keeps talking about (although let’s face facts I would probably kill it anyway).   So for years I’ve decided to stay away from indoor plants, both due to their poisonous tendencies and because obviously I’m lazy.  After doing a thorough investigation of my house pinterest page, I realized how much of a difference plants make in a room.  Well I did some research on whether there are any attractive plants that are not pure poison for our baby kitties.  And there are!  I’ve already picked up a fern and a little echeveria, and the extra bit of green has really been making me happy.  Here are some other beauties that won’t harm your cats.


Maidenhair fern – This is a gorgeous plant but apparently really difficult to take care of.  Emily Henderson swears by them (but also has to replace them several times a year).

Jasmine – I have got to get a little pot of jasmine growing.  How delightful would that be?  Smelling up my house with good smells and being all viney?

Blue Echeveria – The cutest little succulent.  I picked one up from Home Depot for like $7.

Peppermint – I have wanted to make a mini herb garden for forever, and I think peppermint is a good place to start.  Maybe in a lovely pot on my kitchen window sill.  Unfortunately, not all herbs are cat friendly, so be careful about that.

Rabbit Foot Fern – Apparently most ferns are ok for cats, but not all?  I picked up an “exotic” fern from Home Depot, but I’m not sure of its exact species.

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Ready For Spring

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Good gracious y’all.  I am cold.  Chilled down to my bones.   I’m so sick of being cold.  I know in my head that it will warm up soon.  Spring starts today after all.  But I just can’t feel it in my heart.  I’m scared the warm will never come again.   Well, if winter ever decides to let go of it’s vice like grip on us all and spring comes to stay, I will definitely be ready.  I have some serious porch sitting and cocktail sipping in mind.

Spring Ready final

Porchtime cocktail supplies should probably include:

1.  A pretty eyelet tablecloth cause eyelet is always a good look when it’s warm.

2.  Filament bulb bistro lights for twinkliness purposes.

3.  Sweet floral napkins for keeping things fresh and clean.

4.  Stripey straws for sucking down frosty beverages.

5.   A decorative flute would do nicely for housing my delightful champagne cocktail.

6.  A blush pink tumbler for my strawberry mint lemonade.

7.  Star lights to string up with the bistros because yes.

7.2.  These outdoor chairs from Target would throw in a lovely pop of color to any patio situation.

8.  Calligrapher canape plates for my eating my canapes (or cookies.  What’s a canape anyways?)  And as a nod to my new obsession.  And because they are seriously cute.

9.  Shiny rose gold sandals so that I can kick them off and go barefoot because it’s WARM outside!!

Who wants to come have a cocktail with me?


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