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The Thorne Family Portraits

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A couple of weekends ago, I stopped by our friend Lindsey’s house to take a couple of portraits of her adorable family.  I feel certain you guys all know Lindsey by now, the unstoppable force behind LRT Be Pretty that makes brides (and really everyone) look like goddesses.  I wanted to practice taking portraits with my brand new (but actually used) film camera and she offered up her sweet little boy for my practice session.  I also brought my digital camera just in case things went awry.  The roll of colored film turned out entirely too dark because of a thunderstorm that was happening, but I really love some of the ones we captured with the b+w film and digital.  I can’t imagine a more delightful way to spend a sunday morning than with these lovely people.








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New York on Film

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, the week of my birthday actually, Corey and I went to New York to see his favorite soccer team play at Yankees Stadium for his big 30th birthday present.  Even though watching a soccer game is not always top on my list of things of things to do, seeing a game at such an iconic location was pretty fantastic.  We stayed at my friend Kyle’s gorgeous apartment in the West Village and took full advantage of the local eateries.  I think we ate at almost all of them.  Kyle made us the sweetest little map with delicious foods to eat, things to do, and places to go, which we followed line by line.  The girl has good taste.  Some of our favorites were Big Gay Ice Cream (every bit as fabulous as you would hope), I sodi (the best lasagna you will ever have), the Meatball Shop, the Grey Dog, and Cafe Cluny.  There is something extra special about a getaway in the middle of the week, particularly to New York.

These were all either Portra 400 or Portra 800 taken on my Mamiya 645, and processed and scanned by The Find Lab.















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My first roll of film

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I’ve wanted to try shooting film for a while, pretty much as soon as I realized that most of my favorite photographers take pictures primarily or completely with a film camera.  Jose Villa, Tec Petaja, Jen Huang, and Allison Kuhn (based out of Charlotte and completely amazing) to name a few.  Their images are so fresh and airy but still timeless.  It was kind of a pipe dream until I realized that used film equipment is actually kind of reasonable, I mean compared to how expensive it used to be.  After doing hours upon hours of research, I decided to make Corey and our immediate family to all go in on a Mamiya 645 medium format camera for my birthday present.  The day it came was like Christmas.  I looked up the manual online and tried to figure out what all the buttons and gadgets do (which I’m still working on) and watched a youtube video on how to load the film with fingers crossed that I was doing it right.  The first two rolls came back late last week.  Obviously some images were underexposed and some were out of focus, but I was pleasantly surprised for my first time.  Here are just a couple of images from the first roll.






What did I take pictures of?  Flowers and cats.  Obviously.  Shot on Fuji Pro 400h and processed by The Find Lab.

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