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My Calligraphy Mess

Monday, February 17, 2014

In case anyone is wondering, I did not get to go on my trip this weekend.  My flight definitely got canceled along with 1000s of others due to the storm and what I suspect was really bad planning on US Airways’ part.  I am not even going to go in to the customer service situation or I will be ugly and no one wants that.  I am just thankful I was not one of the 100s of people stuck at the airport with no place to sleep for days on end.  But we were thankfully able to get new tickets for the weekend after next.  Fingers crossed that we will have no more storm of the decades.

Anyways, I got an unexpected weekend with no plans and took advantage of it by starting a new book and practicing my calligraphy.  I have been doing quite a bit of calligraphy lately and to say I have become obsessed would be putting it mildly.  And in a little over a month, I have already started to acquire quite a few supplies.  Every time I practice, I use my kitchen table and I find that having ink and papers spread out all over it is not conducive to eating a dinner or having an attractive kitchen.  I have started to ponder the idea of using my currently sad and lonely sitting area off of my bedroom to put a desk in and having a nice organized area for calligraphy crap.    Right now a bookcase sits in it but I find that this bookcase is difficult for me to use because it is sectioned off into lots of little compartments and I think that a plain old bookcase with single shelving rows would be much more functional.  Does that make any sense?  The point is I would like to fix up my messy mess.  While I will most likely end up buying second hand furniture or finding things on the side of the road cause that is more my speed, I made a collage with things I would love to have for my calligraphy nook.


Obviously almost half of these things are from Anthropologie.  Obviously I will not be having them in real life but it is fun to pretend.

The desk…I like that it is somewhat simple but has feminine lines.  I also like that it is wood.  While I typically like painted furniture, I have come to find that it is nice to have at least one wooden item in a room and my bedroom doesn’t have that yet.

The bookcase…I like that the industrial look of it is a contrast with the desk.

Striped basket and natural baskets…I already have one of these striped baskets and it is a winner other than the fact that my cats would like to eat it.  Baskets are good for hiding ugly.

That little cart is actually reasonable and would be good for storing all of the tons of papers I have acquired as well as organize recent projects.

An acrylic sorter for holding papers and envelopes while they dry and a cute pen holder cause it’s cute.

I have coveted these curtains from Anthropologie for years so I figured at least they could live in my collage if not in my house.  Plus they kinda match my green dresser.  The desk would sit right in front of a window and these would frame it up quite nicely.

A floor lamp that is good lookin so it won’t take up any precious desk space and it won’t be as piercing to my eyeballs as severe overhead lighting.

So I think that would make quite a nice start, don’t you?  I could do some serious calligraphy in a nook like that.



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Buried Alive

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

There are lots of people that are really good at organizing things and throwing things away that they don’t need.  Unfortunately, I am not one of those people.  I think I have mentioned previously that I am a touch of a hoarder.  But I prefer to think of myself as a keeper of things.  I don’t want to alarm anyone.  I don’t have any really crazy stuff.  But I do have things like ugly clothes from high school, art and home decor items I don’t care for anymore, old cat litter boxes, and lots of lots of shopping bags and boxes from Amazon.  Okay maybe I do have some crazy stuff.   I read this article once that said you should consider every item you own as something that you carry with you at all times.  On your back.  Or something.  Well obviously I don’t really remember exactly what the article said but when I thought about all of the crap that lives at my house, I started to feel pretty overwhelmed.  And recently I have started to feel like I may just be drowning in a sea of my own junk.  This winter and spring, during moments when I am less busy, I think I am going to make an effort to start getting rid of all of the things that I haven’t touched for years.  Specific areas to target include my closet (eep!), the freezer with its frost bit bags of old green beans, and ALL storage closets and junk drawers.  This is happening people.  I need to improve my posture by getting all this crap off of my back.    Then I can make space in my life to receive new and lovely things.


Like gold vases and pink hardcover books.

organized 2

Tiny dogs that may or may not be statues.

organized 3

Image credits  1  2  3

And when I get off my spending freeze, I should probably buy some more baskets too.  Baskets are good news.

Do you all have any slight hoarding issues as well?  Any tips for me to help organize my life?



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Megan’s Merry Little Christmas

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas is such a fun and wonderful time of year, but it is also always completely crazy nuts.  Even though I started decorating long before Thanksgiving (shhh), I really haven’t had time to do all that much since then because of going out of town every weekend amongst other things.  Even so, I thought I would show you guys the decorations I did put up.

Megan Christmas 2013 8 | Two Delighted

 My tree.  I never do any fancy themes or anything.  And colored lights is a family tradition.  This year I added in some white as well and I like the mixed look.

Megan Christmas 2013 3-2 | Two Delighted

 This year the center of my mantle is an advent calendar that is an illustration of Parisian houses.  Plus I bought some of these twinkle lights on copper wire from Anthro to put in my cloches.

Megan Christmas 2013 6 | Two Delighted

Megan Christmas 2013 5 | Two Delighted

 Tinsel garland makes everything better, I think.

Megan Christmas 2013 2 | Two Delighted

 I added some greens cut from the bottom of my tree to the corner of my mirror.  My sparkle house obsession continues.

Megan Christmas 2013 1 | Two Delighted

Megan Christmas 2013 Juice | Two Delighted

 ”Mom, what do you think you are doing?”

Megan Christmas 2013 4 | Two Delighted

I also added some greens and garland to my gallery wall.  I wouldn’t want to leave him out.

How did y’all decorate for Christmas this year?  Do your cats like to run circles around the bottom of your tree knocking needles to all corners of your house as much as mine do?


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