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Just some lamps

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

You guys talked me into it – I am definitely going to paint the pantry door black this weekend.  It didn’t hurt that Meg had an extra can of black laying around to give me because free is always the right price.  I am antsy to work on our bedroom some more as well but after so many trips this year, I need to start doing a little more saving and quite a bit less spending, and what we really need is new furniture and art.  I’ll just keep picking up pieces one at a time and hopefully I’ll finish it by summer.  I did stop into Target this weekend and pick up a sweet little navy lamp (see 5 below) for the top of a to be determined dresser for pretty cheap.  Target is always bringing it.  Here are some other winners that are all less than $100.  I’m particularly smitten with number five.  That copper is so pretty.


One  /  Two  /  Three  /  Four  /  Five

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Wall of Mirrors

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

So I’m finally taking the professional engineering exam next week, which I’ve spent probably close to 100 hours in the past several months studying for.  I would be nervous if I wasn’t so sick of studying.  I’m kind of at that point where I’m just ready to get the thing over with.  I’m also ready to jump back into fun projects.  You would all be so very disappointed in my lack of halloween decorations this year.  It is a travesty.

One project I have been pondering is creating a wall of mirrors somewhere in our bedroom because we have tons of wall space and no art.  This would really only be feasible if I were able to find a bunch of really cheap mirrors at Goodwill and Restore.  Here are some of the cheapest mirrors I could find (while still being attractive), and even these options would be too expensive since I would need so many of them.  What are our thoughts on a wall of mirrors?  Would it be fantastic or would so many mirrors in one place make me feel like I was seeing ghosts?  It’s a tough call.


 Image CreditOne  /  Two  /  Three  /  Four  /  Five

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Little Fall Changes

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hi guys.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and at least got through your Mondays unscathed.  I think that’s about all we can really ask from a Monday.  I had a pretty delightful weekend filled with fally things like a really great chili recipe that I made Friday night, a trip to Huntersville’s fall festival (not as many pumpkins or Halloween things there as I would have hoped but the quesadillas were delicious), a bike ride through the trail in Davidson and in to downtown for a vanilla coke at the soda shop, a trip to the pumpkin patch to buy my front step pumpkins for the year, and then dinner with my lovely sister and brother-in-law. Plus we ended our Saturday with Krispy Kreme and Ghostbusters.  You’d be hard pressed to find a weekend much fally-er than that.  Since fall is my favorite time of year, I try to embrace it as much as I can while it is here and before winter comes and craps everything up.  One way I like to embrace it is changing my home decor.  Mine obviously looks a little more spooky and Halloweeny than most people would probably prefer for their own houses and I totally get that.  But I do like the idea of having a few items that you bring out every year to change things up in your house just enough to help you enjoy the season a bit more.  That’s the great thing about seasons after all.  As one of my best friends, Taylor, commented the other day, one of the best parts of living in North Carolina is that just when we start to get sick of one season, a new one comes and sweeps us off our feet.  I am sure many other states are that way as well.  And I don’t think it could be more perfectly said than that.  Here are some items that might make a nice addition to the home to help us all embrace the fall.

Little Fall Changes_edited-2

pumpkin candle/dishtowel/sparkly blanket/wooden cake stand/agate bookend/white pumpkins etc./pom pom pillow

bronze pillow/white basket

A note about the agate bookends.  They have a really cute collection of agate bookends, trays, and coasters at Target right now so if you want something agate, you may want to go look at your local store cause it would probably be cheaper than this West Elm one.  However, they are not on the website so I couldn’t link them up.  Silly.


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