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Dream Bar with Chairish Stools

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

If you guys read any home decor blogs at all, then you probably know what Chairish is.  I like to think of it as an online antique market of sorts, where people can buy and sell gorgeous furniture.  I have yet to purchase anything off the site but I surely have spent several hours looking at the pretties.  A couple of weeks ago, Chairish contacted us to see if we would like to use some of their furniture to create our own “dream bar.”  We figured well why the heck not.

But let’s be rich, shall we?  This bar will be located just outside of my guest house in San Francisco (or Paris?  maybe I have two?), right near the soothing but not gawdy pool lounge area.  We are tasteful with our richness.  Wait – do people have pools in San Francisco or Paris?  Is that even a thing?  Maybe I need to be in the south of France.  Yes.  That’s better.  Ok this takes place at our third house, in the south of France.  It’s a chateau really.  While we are all toweling off from our relaxing day, we gather near the bar to make delicious cocktails in our light green glassware.


Mirror  /  Glassware  /  Crystal Decanter  /  Owl Corkscrew  /  Globe Pendant  /  Chairish Bar Stools  /  Rug (Yes I realize this is an indoor rug that I would be using outside.  That is just how rich I am hypothetically.)

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Mirror Gallery Wall

Monday, June 23, 2014

I know it seems like Colleen and I are posting a new gallery wall from our homes like every other week.  At least it feels that way to me.  But this is actually only the second one I have done and Colleen has done 2 as well (one being gigantic) so that adds up to 4 in total between the two of us.  So basically we don’t have 80 gallery walls like it seems.  I promise.  Anyways, there are several reasons I decided to do another one.  The main reason being I had all of these pieces of art purchased on travels that I had nowhere to put.  Also, I have been wanting a full length mirror on this wall in my bedroom for several years but never really found one I wanted that wasn’t at least 50 million dollars until I discovered this oval one at West Elm and conveniently had a gift card to help bring down the cost even more.  Since it is so nice and simple, I thought it would be perfect to put a gallery wall around it.  So that’s what I did.

Mirror gallery wall full | Two Delighted

mirror gallery wall dumbledore | Two Delighted

mirror gallery wall left | Two Delighted

mirror gallery wall right | Two Delighted

mirror gallery wall top | Two Delighted

Mirror gallery wall full 1 with numbers | Two Delighted

Here are some sources for things that are available.  Obviously a lot of these things were photos that I took, art that I bought overseas, or calligraphy that I made including that Dumbledore quote which I am kind of in love with if I don’t say so myself.  Colleen and I are working on trying to make a shop for purchasing art and wedding calligraphy.  In the mean time, if you have any interest, just email us.  Currently, you can buy her photos here, but that will probably be moving soon as well.

1.  Old floating frame from Target (no longer online) with photo by me from Notting Hill

2. Gold frame with Eiffel Tower photo by Colleen

3.  Target frame with print from Ireland of the Cliffs of Moher

4.  White Frame with photo by me from Trinity College Library Long Room in Dublin

5.  Target frame with print from Bath of the Abbey

6.  Frame from antique mall and calligraphy art by me

7.  Art made for me by my buddy Taylor :)  We loved Now and Then growing up

8.  White frame with Letterpress print Colleen bought me in SF of the neighborhoods. Similar here

9. Target frame with Cappuccino photo by me.  My last morning in England before flying home and the barista made my coffee with a heart.  I thought it was the cutest and reminds me of how much I loved my trip.

10.  Custom frame with lavender fields watercolor that Colleen brought me from Provence.  One really obnoxious thing about art from other countries is that they are always random sizes and they require custom frames.

11.  Target frame with mushy boyfriend picture

12.  DIY art by me.  Tutorial coming this week.

13.  Frame from Dick Blick with calligraphy by me from the great Dumbledore

14.  Frame with photo by me of garden gate with wisteria in Castle Combe, England.

15.  Mirror


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Semi-Annual China Cabinet Restyle

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My china cabinet always ends up being a place where I put a lot of random things.  The main reason for this is cat troublemakers that like to try to eat/break things.  So when I need to put something away rather quickly, the china cabinet is typically my dumping ground.  As a result it is always looking a fuss.  Poor china cabinet.  So a few times a year, I try to clean out some junk and make it look lovely again.  Styling shelves and surfaces is, in my opinion, one of the hardest parts about decorating a house. It is always a struggle for me to figure out where to place each item to make it look fancy like the homes in the magazines.  So after a good bit of moving around, I came up with an arrangement I am pretty happy with for now.

china cabinet 1 | Two Delighted

China cabinet b and a_edited-1

china cabinet close top | Two Delighted

china cabinet close stacks |Two Delighted

china cabinet close down | Two Delighted

china cabinet photo | Two Delighted

I finally printed out some of my England and Ireland photos and chose this one of the London eye to go on top.  I like how the slight bit of blue in it feels cohesive with the rest of the cabinet.

china cabinet straight on | Two Delighted

Much better, right?  We will see how long it lasts.


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