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Fabric Canopy Beds

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I’ve been inching along on decorating the master bedroom.  At this rate, I should have it finished by sometime next year.  One of the things I’ve been waffling the most about is the headboard.  Most of the time, I’m thinking a nice neutral linen headboard in a curvy shape like I showed in this post.  But every once in a while I think it might be nice to go completely outside of the box and do a draped fabric canopy.  Look at how much drama it can add to the situation.


Something about this bedroom really gets me.  I love the fabric pattern and eclectic art, but the neutral palette keeps things from going over the top.  Every time I think I need to add more color I find a neutral room like this that I am obsessed with.  Sorry world, I’m just gonna keep on liking neutral things.


Stripes?  Black and white?  Are we surprised?  The Indian tile block print is elegant but still a little playful.  It feels like spring to me.  I also love how these beds have a fun canopy and an upholstered headboard for comfort.  I do think I need a headboard because I always wake up in the weirdest positions with my head all smashed up against the wall.  I’m a fidgety sleeper.  I also need to remember to stack random art on top of random mirrors because apparently it looks awesome.


But maybe I do want color!!  I don’t know.  The more I look at these pictures the more I think I want a canopy.  You only live once so you might as well add drama am I right??  I’ll update you next week when I decide on something else completely different.

What do you guys think?  Canopy?  No Canopy?  Canopy and headboard?

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Adding Warmth to a Room

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I don’t think it is any secret that I love neutrals, particularly cold neutrals.  Grey, navy, white, and more grey.  So a while back when my girl Emily Henderson told me that every room needs to be balanced with some warmth, I was like well crap.  What do I do with my grey, blue, and white furniture that I just bought.  Luckily I figured out that just a little bit of warmth goes a long way, and here are some of my favorite ways to add it.


Image credit Have I used this picture in a post recently?  I feel like I have.

So I used to hate wood furniture.  I wanted to paint everything because I thought wood was old and ugly looking.  Obviously I was being stupid, because a nice piece of wood furniture can really warm up a room.  I love finding used antique pieces so it doesn’t look like I just bought my whole room from Target (although you know I love me some Target.)


Image credit

Obviously I’m obsessed with gold.  Every room needs a little glamour.  A little goes a long way here.  Notice how just a couple of small pieces lighten up the whole room.


Image credit

I typically am more drawn to neutral rugs because they are kind of a large purchase and get scared that I will get sick of a super colorful one but a vibrant rug in a neutral room is maybe one of my favorite things.


Image credit

This is absolutely the easiest and cheapest way to bring in some color.  It’s amazing what some art or pretty books can add.  Even if you don’t have a bookcase, grab some colorful books and stack them under some candles or even lamp.  Instant gratification.



It’s a snow (actually ice) day here in Charlotte so I hope everyone stays safe out there!!

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A Touch of Pink

Thursday, February 5, 2015

I was scrolling through my Pinterest boards last night and started to notice a theme.  Even though I don’t typically decorate (or wear) all that much pink, I kept finding little bits of pink in some of my favorite images.  A little hint of color in an otherwise neutral room seems to really help bring some interest and contrast.  Add in some weird art or simple stripes and you’ve really got my attention.  Do you guys ever add little bits of pink?  Or go full on with pink furniture?


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