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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy happy Friday!  This weekend I am finally going on my trip to San Antonio in which I have big plans to eat my weight in Mexican food.  It is supposed to be good in Texas, right?  Figured I would pop in quickly with a happenings post before I fly out.

happenings 223 juice | Two Delighted

Let’s start with the obligatory cat photos.  At my house, cats are happening at all times.  I swear I have the most high maintenance cats ever.  At least they are cute.

happenings 223 elly | Two Delighted

My Elly Belly is majestic as hell.

happenings 223 marble | Two Delighted

I finally got the marble pastry slab that I have been wanting.  I had high hopes of improving my cat hair free baking surface situation.  I feel certain we all knew where that was going.  Obvi, it has become Juicy’s new favorite perch. Every cat needs a hard marble surface for cooling his belly.

happenings 223 snow globe | Two DelightedThe winter storm the other week made me feel like I was living in a snow globe.

happenings 224 car | Two Delighted

My poor little bug enjoyed his last snow before I had to give him up.   Remember how I was planning on getting a super grown up and responsible car?  Well, after dragging my feet for 2 months, I finally came to the conclusion that I am not yet ready to be a grownup.

happenings 223 bug | Two Delighted

And I got another bug!!  Oops.   At least this one isn’t a convertible and has better storage.  That’s more grown up, right?

happenings 224 roses | Two Delighted

Here is a picture I took of my early Valentines roses against the fluffy snow.  It reminded me of Snow White.

happenings 223 calligraphy | Two Delighted

I watched Finding Neverland the other night after not having seen it for years and years.  I was reminded about what a delight the story of Peter Pan is.  It also has some exceptionally clever quotes, which prompted me to pick up my pen.  I still need some serious work on my flourishing.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


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The Happiness Project

Friday, February 21, 2014

I actually bought The Happiness Project kind of by accident.  I was looking for another book the last time I was browsing around Target, and happened upon the yellow colored cover instead.  I was kind of down in the dumps that day (for who knows what reason), and I said “sure, happy, sounds good.”  The book was written by this woman named Gretchen Rubin who was relatively happy, but felt like she wasn’t as happy as she could be.  So she spent a year on a “happiness project” where she started researching different little ways that she could improve both her lifestyle and her outlook.  I’ve been reading a little bit every day at lunch, and I think I can actually say that it has made a difference.  I realize how much my happiness affects the people around me and vice versa, so I have started making an effort to act how I want to feel (something  Gretchen keeps preaching) instead of pouting when something doesn’t go my way.  Obviously I am not eloquent enough to do it justice, but if you have been in a funk recently like I was, you might find solace in this book.  What about you guys?  Any good books recently?


{Taken as the snow was melting after our big winter storm last week}

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For the Love of Friday- A Satisfactory Weekend

Friday, January 24, 2014

So, I have been thinking long and hard about my to do list for this weekend and I have decided we should…

A Satisfactory Weekend final

Start out our Saturday by having a kitty lay in.  We should finish up the Harry Potter book that we are re-reading with fuzzy babies on our belly.  For at least an hour, I think.  Then when we finally get out of bed, we should probably call our girlfriends and demand they drop their plans and meet us for brunch at our favorite French restaurant.  We will indulge in crepes and bottomless mimosas and most likely also some of those puffy pastries with the strawberry sauce until we are feeling very full and a little silly.  And also caught up on all the good gossip.  On the way home, we will swing by the fancy grocery store to buy ingredients for an afternoon of cupcake baking.  We may also pick up a gourmet pizza for our dinner.  When we get home we will put on our new apron so we feel like Martha and bake the yummiest and moistest cupcakes that anyone has ever eaten.  Then we will eat 3 or 4 for our afternoon snack while snuggling under several blankets perched in our favorite chair by the fire.  We will remember to fix ourselves a glass of milk to go with them before we sit down so we don’t have to get back up once we have kitties making biscuits in our laps.  It is then that we notice that it has started to snow.  Big fat snowflakes falling at a nice consistent pace.  The ground will start to turn white and we will decide that this is probably the perfect time to pop in It’s A Wonderful Life because there is really no better movie to watch while it is snowing outside.  Christmas or not.  Then we will consume our pizza while we watch Jimmy Stewart.  We will think to ourselves that while this may not have been a very skinny day, it most certainly has been a satisfactory one.


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