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Leatherface Chicken Pot Pie and Fall Fun

Monday, October 7, 2013

Hi friends!  Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  We filled ours with some of our favorite fall traditions and I may just have found a new and incredibly delicious one to add on to the list.  Do you guys like chicken pot pie??  If so, do I have a treat for you! One of the Halloween magazines I picked up this year had a recipe in it for something called Leatherface Chicken Pot Pie.  I made it this past week for dinner with friends and while it was somewhat labor intensive, it was super fun and also seriously tasty.  I venture to say it is the best chicken pot pie I have ever had.  No joke.  I didn’t really take any pictures when I was making it but I did make a few small changes to the original recipe that I think may have made a difference in the flavor that I wanted to share with y’all because man oh man.

Leatherface potpie 2 | Two Delighted

Here is a link to the original recipe from Taste of Home which I am currently too tired to type out here.  When I was making mine, I actually completed the first two steps the night before (boiling the ingredients in the pot to make broth and then removing the ingredients, separating the chicken from the bone and breaking it up a bit along with using a sieve to drain the junk out of the broth.  Then once I finished doing all of this, I put the chicken pieces and the veggies back in the broth and let everything sit in it overnight.  I am pretty sure this added flavor to the chicken.   In addition to this, when I went to complete the rest of the steps to finish the pie, I sauteed an extra small onion, carrot, and stalk of celery in olive oil with a little salt and pepper and covered it up until I was ready to use it.  Then I mixed most of it in.  The original recipe didn’t seem to have enough veggies.

In order to make the rosemary stick in the crust, I used a knife to poke little holes to stick them in.  I have no idea why my pie juice started seeping out of the eyes and mouth I cut but I figure I just have to let that go cause it still looks pretty cool.

Leatherface pie 1 | Two DelightedHere is what he looked like before I put him in the oven.  He is ever so yummy.

Here are some other quick pictures from our perfect fall weekend…

Fall firepit | Two Delighted

My buddy Roo made a splendid fire for pre-Leatherface pie enjoyment.

We went Saturday night to a farm that has a sincere pumpkin patch, cute animals, a cool rock quarry with a beach area that makes you feel like you may just be in a teen movie, and a seriously inventive and creepy haunted trail complete with corn maze.  We were in heaven…

Fall goats | Two Delighted

Hi baby goat siblings.

Fall pigs | Two Delighted

Hi Wilbur.  You’re terrific!

Fall pumpkin patch 2 | Two Delighted

Fall pumpkin patch close | Two Delighted Fall sunset | Two Delighted

The pumpkin patch would definitely have received Linus’ seal of approval.  So would the sunset, I think.


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Monday, September 30, 2013

Every year around this time, Colleen and I start to get busy…real busy.  What happens is that Halloween party preparations are in full swing and we start realizing that we have once again bitten off more than anybody should probably chew.  But this is our process and so it will be.  On top of that I have been continuing to work on making house preparations for when I finally hear from the HOA about whether my paint color is okay.  No, I still have not heard anything, if you can believe that.  Jerks.  Last time I try to follow the stupid HOA rules ever.  They only have themselves to blame.  Anyways, I won’t include any pictures of all of the riveting sanding we have been doing because I know it is difficult enough to stay awake on a Monday as it is.  But here are some of the more delightful things that have been going on lately.

Happenings 929 Cupcake | Two Delighted

Lots of fall food items are being consumed.  This particular gem was an apple cinnamon cupcake that was delicious.  His pumpkin friend was exemplary as well.  If you live in the Lake Norman area, you should really try Sweetcakes.  They are my favorite cupcake shop around here.

Happenings 928 pancakes | Two Delighted

Spiced Pumpkin Pecan pancake mix was purchased on a whim as a Williams Sonoma splurge when I went in to restock my go-to vanilla.  I have to say they were worth every penny.  Have y’all ever tried cinnamon and sugar on your pancakes instead of syrup?  It is my favorite way to eat them

fall bouquet | Two Delighted

A lovely autumn bouquet is currently brightening up my kitchen.

Happenings 929 invites | Two Delighted

We’ve nearly completed a major  part of our Halloween party preparations…invitations.  Thank goodness.  We will most likely be sharing our invites later this week as well as our party theme.

Spooky Tree | Two Delighted

The other week I was at home on a Friday afternoon when all of a sudden, the UPS man showed up with a giant box from Grandin Road.  This was quite confusing to me as I hadn’t remembered having ordered anything.  Turns out my favorite gentleman caller had decided to surprise me with my highly desired Spooky tree that I talked about in this post.  Isn’t it creepy and glorious?  The tree is a keeper and so is that gentleman caller, I think.

Happenings 929 Elly | Two Delighted

Happenings 926 Juice | Two Delighted

While we have been working our butts off, the cats have been doing what they do best…luxuriating and napping on soft and squishy things. My jealousy level is pretty high.

Hope everyone has a lovely fall week!


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All the Taupe Things

Thursday, September 26, 2013

At the beginning of every season change, I always make a mental note of some new pieces I would like to buy as they come out in stores.  As I have gotten older, I have become much more particular about what I like and I have a tendency to buy fewer pieces but ones I know I love or will wear for years to come.  This year when I was analyzing the items that I want like I always do (No, I don’t), I discovered a trend.  All of the things were taupe.  What?!?  I never and I mean never buy taupe things.  Usually I think taupe is pretty boring and although it may be occasionally necessary in the world, it very infrequently is something I choose intentionally or get very excited about.  What in the wide world of sports is happening to me?  The only explanation I can think of is that I have finally gone and turned into my mother who practically lives in brown and taupe.  I have known it was coming for years as I have noticed with increasing frequency surprising comments slip out of my mouth and wondered where they came from.  This taupe situation pretty much solidifies it.  I suppose this isn’t so bad really.  She is a pretty cool chick.

taupe collage

1. Shimmer Palette Cardigan-  Colleen and I are cardigan queens in the winter and this one looks perfectly sweet and thin for layering a coat over.

2. Maleficent Boots-  I have never bought myself a pair of high boots before.  Can you even believe that?  I just never really finds ones I am crazy about but I am pretty smitten with the simple look and color of these.

3. Flocked Rain Wedges-  I don’t have much to say about these other than they were the first item on my list and I want em.

4.  Essie Miss Fancy Pants- This looks like fall to me.  Plus I am a big fan of the name.

5. Midi Skirt with Pocket Detail-  Gah.  I want this skirt so bad and it is out of stock.  I should have bought it weeks ago but I was dumb and waited.  Now I have to cling desperately to hopes they will re-stock it in my size.

6. Sheer Droplets Earrings-  I have been wanting to get a pair of simple studs for some time and while I probably won’t get these specifically cause they are more than I want to spend, I think they are quite cute.

7. Dotside Blazer-  Taupe elbow patches.  Also you can roll up the sleeves and the blue polka dot fabric it is lined with pops out.  So cute I die.  Plus one can never have enough blazers.

Have any of you guys noticed that you have become your parents as well?  It is a startling realization to be faced with.  At least I know I am not completely alone as Colleen was practically born being my mother.

Also, please forgive me as I work to try to expand my photoshop collage skills.  They continue to be far from perfect.


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