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How to Make a Magnolia Garland for Free

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I always have a bit of an ethical conundrum when I go to throw a party.  I feel like I need to make some kind of signage or garland out of paper for decor and then I feel bad about the paper that I’ve used for only one event.  Obviously I recycle it afterwards, but there is still a bit of guilt.  For Megan’s engagement party, I decided to cut down on the paper and garlands and streamers by just using some flowers and greenery.  The greenery in question is actually just stolen magnolia leaves from a nearby (HUGE) magnolia tree.  Which means that not only were the leaves free, but also pretty darn eco-friendly because honestly they were just going to fall off anyway.  That is a win win.








  • Gather a bunch of pretty leaves from a large tree.  Don’t be scared to forage outside of your yard.  Just be sure to ask for permission (or be extra sneaky.)
  • Rope.  We happened to have some old rope laying around that Corey uses to clean off the roof (don’t ask) but you can buy some for super cheap at the Home Depot or Lowes.
  • Floral Wire


  1. Wash off the leaves so you don’t feel gross about putting them near your food.  Gather three or four leaves together and tie them by the stems with the floral wire.
  2. Tie the gathered leaves to the end of the rope to start your garland.  Then repeat with additional groups of leaves, being sure to hide the rope and twine as you go, and alternate direction so the garland looks natural.
  3. Once the garland is the desired length, cut the rope, and tie a final set of leaves in the opposite direction to hide the floral wire.
  4. Be amazed at your genius.



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Blood Splatter Napkins DIY

Thursday, October 30, 2014

It has kind of been killing me that we haven’t been able to do a Halloween DIY this year so I decided to throw one together in literally 5 minutes the other night with some things I already had with the addition of white napkins I picked up at Target.  You will notice by the pronounced fold in them that I did not wash them before I did the DIY because I was being lazy.  I would recommend that if y’all try this, you do not follow my lead.  Anyways, if you guys are having friends over for Halloween and looking for a last minute idea to spruce up the table setting, this is it.  I used black paint instead of red for the “blood” because I thought it looked more sophisticated and less gory that way.  But red would probably be more realistic if that is what you are going for.

Blood Splatter Napkins diy blog copy What you’ll need:

– napkins

– black craft paint

– textile medium (can be picked up at any hobby/art store)

– a paintbrush

What you’ll do:

Blood Splatter napkins diy materials

1.  Mix up your paint for use on fabric.  The rule is one part fabric medium to two parts paint.  I eyeballed it.  Then mix it all in with your paint brush.  After that, spray or drop a bit of water in at a time so you have a very thin paint in some areas and thicker in the middle.

blood splatter napkins step 2 blog

2.  Take your paint brush and load it with thin paint and start splattering by shaking paint onto your napkin.  You can paint on thicker paint for darker areas.  Just do it however you think looks good.

Blood Splatter napkins step 3 blog

3.  Paint your hand thickly with paint.

Blood Splatter napkins step 4 blog

4.  Before it has a chance to dry at all on your hand, bring it down in the middle of the napkin and smear downward using your other hand to hold the top of the napkin.  When you do this step, be sure to pay attention to where you will be folding the napkin so the hand will be visible.

Let dry and you are good to go.  I would also wash these puppies by themselves for the first time so black paint doesn’t bleed on your clothes.  The textile medium helps hold the paint on and I have used it before with success but you can never be too careful.

Blood Splatter napkins diy 3 blog

Blood Splatter napkins diy 2 blog Spooooky!


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Starry Lantern DIY

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I have had a plain, unopened paper lantern sitting one of my craft boxes for a couple years now and I decided that this weekend was finally the time to do something with it.  I came up with this idea unsure of how it would work out but I think all said and done, it looks pretty cute.  Bonus… It doesn’t get any more simple than this in terms of DIYs.

Pierced Paper Lantern DIY final blog

What you’ll need:

A plain white paper lantern

Spray paint in a color of your choice- I chose the dark blue here in an effort to make the “stars” stick out more

A skewer or some  other long sharp object

What you’ll do:

1. Unfold your lantern and hang it up outside somewhere.  I used a bungie cord and hung it from a tree.  Then spray paint it the color of your choosing.  I did 2 coats to make it darker.

pierced lantern step 1 blog

2. After dry, take your skewer and pierce a bunch of little holes in it.

pierced lantern skewer blog

pierced lantern step 2 blog

3.  Insert a lightbulb in the top (following the instructions that came with the lantern) and call it a day.  Since I hung mine outside and I already had bistro lights in my tree, I just pulled the cord a little tighter and worked several of the lights into the lantern.  I am not sure it impacted the effect at all to have the other bistro lights around it.  It may actually have been more dramatic if it wasn’t surrounded by light as well.

If anyone tried this with a different color, let me know how it goes.  I would be interested to know how the light shines through in the pierced spots.  I also thinking making some larger holes and some smaller would be pretty as well.

Pierced lantern diy final 2 blog


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