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Brooklyn Limestone Contribution: Sea Glass Bottles DIY

Thursday, April 3, 2014

This month’s contributor post is up on Brooklyn Limestone today!  Yay!  I made some plain glass bottles look like fancy sea glass bottles that have been floating around in the ocean.  I like them and I hope y’all do too.  Go check it out if you please.

sea glass bottles final Two Delighted 2



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Bronzed Coffee Mugs {DIY}

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I think Corey is either trying to be the best husband in the world or he is sick of Megan and I not fulfilling our DIY quota like we should be, so he has decided to take the matter into his own hands and do yet another DIY.  A super attractive one I might add.  I’ll just be sitting here eating my bon bons.

I was striding through Starbucks, as I often do to get my iced white mochas, when I noticed their fancy coffee mugs.  They are essentially white mugs with some type of bronze or gold design with a price tag of $12.

Now if you could imagine our kitchen cabinet for a moment, you would see about 12 white, plain coffee mugs.  As I know Colleen’s love for all things gold and metallic, I figured that this was a great opportunity to fancy up some of our mugs.  I stopped by the nearest Michael’s and found that Martha Stewart Crafts makes glass paint.  I grabbed a bottle of the copper Glass Paint (Metallic/Opaque), because I wanted to go with a bronze look.


What you’ll need:

- Martha glass paint

- Plain coffee mug

- Flat small paintbrushes

- Blue painter’s tape

What you’ll do (Instructions based off of Martha Stewart Crafts website):

1) First clean your mug with some alcohol (probably best to use rubbing and not Patron like I did since I couldn’t find the rubbing alcohol).  Once done, use some paint tape to tape up the mug if you are trying for a straight line.  Now I tried a couple of brushes and found that the best brushes were flat small brushes, likely because they carry more paint.  Start painting your desired design.  You will have to go over the same spot a couple of times, so paint and then go back later and paint over it again until you have covered the entire area to your liking.  Try painting the handle on a mug first, so you get use to painting on this smooth glass/ceramic surface, then try the more daring design.

2) After you finished painting, let it air dry for 1 hour, then put the mugs on a pan and put them in a cool oven.  Turn the oven on to 350 degrees, and let it heat up; then bake for 30 minutes (you want to let the glass heat up gradually).  After 30 minutes, turn off the oven and leave the mugs in until the glass has completely cooled.  Wait 72 hours until using them.

Now enjoy drinking your coffee with a little more glamour.

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Skyline Art {DIY}

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A couple of weekends ago, Corey mentioned out of the blue that he needed to go out to the hardware store to get supplies for a DIY, which he promptly completed and took pictures of without any assistance and in record time.  I’m typically the DIYer around our house but I’ll admit that this is really pretty good looking.  I’m thinking about letting him take over while I drink delicious beverages and lay on chaise lounges.

Hello, I am Colleen’s doting husband Corey (Colleen may have written this sentence).  I have been searching for DIYs to do so that I could impress my fancy blogger wife, when I came across some awesome skyline art.  I figured that it would be something that even I could pull off.

The benefit of this DIY is that you can make it personal by choosing your favorite city skyline, whether it be where you were born or live or a place you love to visit.  I chose Charlotte’s because I was born and raised here, and have always felt that Charlotte has one of the most beautiful skylines.


What you’ll need:

- a piece of wood ($5)

- two shades of stainer ($10)

- old brushes lying around the house

- paint tape ($3)

- craft paint ($4).

More than likely you’ll have a majority of these items

What you’ll do:

Step 1:  Using the lightest shade of stainer, stain the entire wood and then let dry.

Step 2:  Relax on your couch, watching TV and tape up your skyline leaving what will be the silhouette of the buildings free of tape.  You can do a light outline of your buildings with a pencil as a guide to help.  For my skyline, I chose a view of Charlotte from the south side that I found on the internet.

Step 3:  Stain the untaped portion.  I had intended for this to be the last step but discovered that after it dried and I removed the tape, the stainer had bled a little.  No problem, my wife had a fix.

Step 4:  Paint a layer of white (or whatever your choice of color) in order to cover any of the stainer that may have bled.



skylineart 7

skylineart 8

skylineart 10

So good right?

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