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Orange Roll Muffins

Monday, March 17, 2014

Colleen and I are both big on family traditions.  One of our more delicious traditions is one we started several years ago and that is orange rolls on Christmas morning.  Just the kind in the can.  We don’t try to get cute or fancy.  Why mess with perfection?  We always try to buy them at least a week in advance because they tend to sell out around Christmas time so I have a feeling we are not the only ones that enjoy a nice Christmas morning orange roll.  A few weeks ago, I started to think about the perfection of the cinnamon with a hint of sweet orange frosting and decided I needed to see what else can be done with this taste sensation.  I decided to try and make some muffins.  I am happy to report that they are delicious and the glaze I made is the perfect amount of orange to complement the cinnamon.

orange roll muffins 2 | Two Delighted copy

Orange roll muffins ingredients | Two Delighted

Orange roll muffin batter | Two Delighted

orange roll muffin rack | Two Delighted

orange roll muffin zest | Two Delighted

orange roll muffin glaze | Two Delighted

orange roll muffins 1 | Two Delighted

I used this Cinnamon Ripple muffin recipe that I followed to a tee other than the fact that I had no buttermilk so made made some with milk and lemon juice.

Then I used our favorite vanilla glaze recipe and added some orange zest from some clementines that I had.  I also added a teaspoon or two of juice from the clementine.  This was all done to taste.  If you want your frosting really orangey, then add more zest and or juice.

Creamy Glaze

from Betty Crocker

1 1/2 cups powdered sugar

2 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 to 2 tablespoons warm water or more.  I always end up adding a little more.

Mix until creamy and smooth.  Add 1 teaspoon orange zest and 1 to 2 teaspoons orange juice.  Mix it all together.





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Irresistible Sugar Cookies

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

On Sunday I had the urge to bake something sugary.  Or maybe it was the urge to eat something sugary.  Either way, I figured there was nothing more sugary than sugar cookies.  I found this recipe on my pinboard that said something like “best cookies of all time.”  Facts are they almost all say that but somehow I can never resist pinning those.  Anyways I figured I better check and see if pinterest was lying to me.  While I can’t say for sure that this is the best cookie of all time, I can say with some certainty that they ended up being completely irresistible.  Ask my scale.  It holds the evidence.

sugar cookie final 2| Two Delighted copy

I used this recipe from Vintage Revivals.  Apparently she really likes these cookies from some store that she tried to model these after.  Since I have never had those cookies, I made a few minor changes to suit my preferences that I think made a difference for me in the overall taste and texture.  Here is her recipe for you guys to follow but I definitely want to tell you guys about my modifications as well.

I made the dough as is but added 1 tsp of vanilla.  I think sugar cookies need vanilla.  But in all fairness I think everything needs vanilla.

When it came to stamping the cookies with the sugared glass, you can squish the clean glass bottom into dough to make it sticky enough for the sugar to adhere to.  It took me a second to figure this out so I figure I would give y’all a heads up in case anyone is as slow as me.

When it came to baking, 8 minutes was too long unless you want your cookies to be crunchy.  I don’t.  Once I made the first batch and they were hard, I decreased the baking time and it made a big difference.  I guess it depends on your oven.  Take them out before they start to get brown at all.  Some of the bottoms of mine weren’t even brown yet and they were still perfect soft texture.

She was talking about putting them in the fridge and eating them cold and putting the frosting on immediately when you take them out so it is warmer or something.  I’m not exactly sure.  Whatever the case may be I like room temp cookies so I just frosted mine once they had cooled and have been keeping them on the counter.   Works just fine.  I also added 1/2 tsp of vanilla to the frosting recipe.

sugar cookie ingredients | Two Delighted

sugar cookie dough 1 | Two Delighted

sugar cookie dough 2 | Two Delighted

sugar cookie dough balls | Two Delighted

sugar cookie glass | Two Delighted

sugar cookie flattened | Two Delighted

sugar cookie done | Two Delighted

sugar cookie frosted | Two Delighted

I also decided to mix a small bowl of pinky red frosting to swirl around with the blush pink frosting to make them just a little more appropriate for Valentines Day.  I used a toothpick and swirled in some designs.

sugar cookies decorated 2 | Two Delighted

sugar cookie final 1 | Two Delighted

Now someone needs to come over here and take these cookies away and save me from myself.


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Cute Halloween Goodies

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

In my opinion, one of the best things about pinterest this time of year is seeing all of the cutie cute and inventive ways that people decorate their food to make it look “Halloweeny.”  If you guys missed it, I made a Leatherface chicken pot pie the other week that was pretty cool looking and delicious but maybe a bit too time consuming for my liking.  Here are some of the ideas I found for some Halloween goodies that actually seem reasonably simple and like they wouldn’t take your entire life to create.

Halloween goodies witch hat

These witch hat cupcake toppers from The Cake Blog seem like a total piece of cake (see what I did there?).  Just pick up some Duncan Hines special cake mix and canned frosting and throw these puppies on top to cover up the crappy frosting job you did and you have yourselves a witchy masterpiece.

halloween goodies hot chocolate eyes

King Arthur wants you to make their haunted hot chocolate from scratch but I think you could just use the good old mix in kind.  If there is anything I am good at, it is definitely putting marshmallows in my hot chocolate and I would take a guess that you all are good at it too.  We are a talented crowd, you see.  Apparently all you do is cut your marshmallow in half and stick some mini reeses cups in the middle.  That’s a big yes.

Halloween goodies ghost cupcakes

These ghost cupcakes do require some simple work with fondant but seem completely manageable and are quite adorable.

Halloween goodies Bats-Flying-Across-the-Moon-Cookies-Recipe-lg

The styling of these bats flying across moon cookies made me kind of fall in love with them.

Halloween goodies pumpkin cupcakes

There are few things I like more in this world than a pumpkin patch so these pumpkin patch cupcakes are definitely my cup of tea.

Halloween goodies apples

There weren’t instructions on how to make these candy corn caramel apples, but I think you would start by dipping them in caramel, then white chocolate meltable chips (melted obvs), then put some orange food coloring in the meltables and dip again and then yellow sprinkles while they are still wet.  I would chill them to set between each layer.  Completely precious.

Halloween goodies ghosts on broomsticks

I like that these ghosts on broomsticks are trying something outside of their comfort zone.  Good for them.

Halloween goodies cinammon rolls

Don’t get me started on orange rolls.  Or cinnamon rolls.  These jack’o lantern orange rolls are just the kind in the cylinder spruced up a bit.  Perfect.

Do you guys known of any super simple Halloween treats we can all make?


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