Created by Cocktail

Wedding Created By Cocktail {Eucalyptus Martini}

Lately I have been very drawn to greens being used in entertaining and weddings.  I think that it feels so fresh.  When I was researching greens to use for the garland at the Irish Rehearsal dinner I helped design,  I found one in particular that I kind of feel in love with…the eucalyptus.  Eucalyptus has

Wedding Inspiration Created by Cocktail {Sparkling Champagne Cider}

With us just being on the brink of the holiday season but it still being fall, we wanted to gather some inspiration for a “Created by Cocktail”  that would feel like autumn but also feel more festive.  What is more festive, my friends, than sparkles?  Just about nothing, I think.  I partly chose an apple

Wedding Inspiration Created By Cocktail {Spiced Pumpkin Martini}

We have a deep and pure love for Autumn weddings.  This is probably because of our deep and pure love for Autumn and because they give you the opportunity to use pumpkins in your decor if you should so desire.  I found this incredibly delicious looking cocktail by My Life As A Mrs. and could

Wedding Inspiration Created By Cocktail {The Frenchy}

Anyone who has been to my house knows that I have an obsession with Paris.  The evidence is literally everywhere.  When I returned from a trip to Europe several years ago, it ended up being the place that I visited that left the biggest impression on me.  It is so beautiful and full of life

Wedding Inspiration Created By Cocktail {Peach Mojito}

Colleen is pretty picky when it comes to her drinks.   In fact, it is nearly impossible to get her to drink adult beverages because she thinks they are all gross.  One cocktail she will drink is a mojito.  So this wedding inspiration is dedicated to Colleen.  In hopes I can get her to have

Wedding Inspiration Created by Cocktail {Blood Orange Margarita}

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we wanted to create a wedding inspiration created by a cocktail post with a touch of Mexican festivity.  Now I’ll be honest, orange and red are not our favorite colors.  But after Meg found this delicious sounding cocktail, we have really started to warm up to them, particularly for