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Copper Wire Ornament {DIY}

Thursday, December 19, 2013

So I think we can all agree that things that are copper are attractive.  It’s kind of like a rule.  After seeing a copper wire bicycle ornament somewhere this year (maybe West Elm?) I decided to make my own copper wire ornaments.  Except sculpting a bicycle seemed like a stretch for my artistic talents.  A big stretch.  So instead I decided to make me some words.  Cause I love words on the Christmas tree.

Copper Wire Ornament diy frame | Two Delighted_edited-1

What you’ll need:

– Copper wire- I bought mine in the picture hanging section of Lowes.  One package made 4 ornaments with a good bit left over.  I probably could have made at least 7.  It was less than $5.

– Wire clippers

That’s it, ya’ll.

Copper wire ornament diy wire | Two Delighted

What you’ll do:

Copper wire ornament diy 1 | Two Delighted1.  So really I just starting playing with the wire and twisting it around like I was writing in cursive.  I didn’t have too much trouble.  I think if you are a little unsure, you could write the word on paper in cursive and just try to follow your guide with the wire.

2.  When you get to a point that the wire seems to be pulling apart from each other, wrap it around an appropriate part of the letter you are working on to secure it.

3.  When you finish your word, hang the wire with string and put it wherever.  I even just stuck one of mine in the tree with no string and it sat in there just fine.

This was actually pretty fun and therapeutic to bend the wire and see how my letters formed.  The only thing to watch out for is if you bend your wire and then find out you don’t like the way it looks, there will be a little kink in it when you straighten it back out.  You will have to smooth it back the best you can.  It went best when I thought out each letter before I started working on it.

Copper wire ornament diy 2

Copper wire ornament diy 4 | Two Delighted

Copper wire ornament diy joy | Two Delighted

Copper wire ornament xmas | Two Delighted

copper wire ornament diy frame 3 | Two DelightedI am not sure it gets any more simple than that.  If any of y’all have an extra time this weekend (yeah right.  It’s the hoildays!) and love copper the way I do, you should really give it a go.  Let me know if anyone works out how to make a bicycle.  I will be super impressed.




An Ornament Decorating Affair

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This past weekend, Colleen and I had an Ornament Decorating Party.  We started out with the intention of getting some close girl friends together for some girly crafting and gossip time.  The list of attendees was small to begin with.  It was to be Colleen and I along with 5 of our friends.  Last week, one of our friend’s grandmothers passed away (We love you Katie) so she was going to be unable to attend.  Then, a few hours before the party was going to start we had 2 more cancellations due to sickness and scheduling conflicts.  🙁 Colleen and I felt like we were 5 again and no one was coming to our birthday party.  But instead of crying in our cookies, we decided to call in reinforcements.  Our cousin Bill (Sir Billiam) and his roommate were lured by the promise of free food and another friend talked her husband into coming.  Despite it not being what we had intended, it was still a really fun night and everyone got into ornament decorating (including the dudes :)).

We always like to do at least a few special things when having people over.  We added to my regular Christmas decor by creating a shimmery snowfall over my kitchen peninsula and pimping out my chandelier.  Colleen and I have already crafted ornaments this year and we had a really big problem finding a way for our ornaments to dry without getting messed up.  We came up with this…

 We hung silver twine and beads around my chandelier along with some ribbon and ornaments I already had for decoration.  Then we hung all the empty ornaments from hooks on each loop of twine.  This way, to get a new ornament, we only had to reach up and grab another, and when we were finished, we hung it back on its loop to dry.

I also took the time the night before to craft some smaller ornaments of my own to give people some ideas of things they could do.  I hung these in the middle of the chandelier so they could also be on display.

We had a 3 tier stand full of Martha goodness (she should really give us some of her billions for this advertising) in the middle of the table including different colors of glitter, Martha’s new multi-surface paint (love), sequins, newspaper strips, and different colors and patterns of small circles to make the scalloped ornaments.  I even had a Martha glue gun.  Did you hear that Martha???

Of course, we also made cookies for the occasion.  I made fudge and pink frosted chewy gingerbread men.  Colleen made raspberry chocolate bars and almond bon bons.

For those who are interested, I used this recipe for my gingerbread.  They turned out yummy, soft, and chewy.  I just covered them in royal icing.

Here are some pictures of our Christmas crafters.

How cute  are the dudes at their little crafting table?

And some of the finished products hanging to dry.

Chapel Grove is Chris’ (Laura’s Rockstar Husband) band.

Everyone except Colleen and I

And so goes the story of our ornament crafting affair.  If anyone would like a DIY on some of the ornaments that we crafted, just let us know.



The Making of My Sparkle Village

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I will not call this a DIY because I basically just used already made products and put them together.  The only thing that I crafted were my trees.  It all started when I was on the internet researching options for things I might want to purchase on my journey to ABC Carpet and Home in New York.  This was obviously very important research.  🙂  I spotted something that I immediately knew had to be my trip souvenir.

Yes, I am crazy and ridiculous enough to spend money on a little pink sparkle house.  I accept no judgement from the likes of you.

You see, when I take a trip, I usually like to buy some sort of art.  Always something relatively cheap.  Because I was going to New York at Christmas time, I thought a Christmas decoration would be nice.  Unfortunately for me, they were sold out.  Big bummer.  I found this glass display case that I fell in love with and figured I would just buy that instead.  Then, as I circled the store for the 50th time in my hesitation to depart, I realized that the tiny sparkly house ornaments that they had would probably fit in my display case.  And so I went about purchasing the key items to create my little village.   I bought the case and 3 little sparkly house tree ornaments.

When I returned home, I found another sparkly house ornament at Walmart (for exactly 1/10th what I had spent on the others.  Crap.) and used some leftover trees from my snow globe escapade.  This time, I decided to bleach out and dye some of my trees pink (obviously).  I added some powdery snow to the bottom of the case to cover the mirrored surface.  Here are some pictures of my final product.

Doesn’t it look like a fantastic place to live?  If I could fit my big head inside, I would sleep in it.  You probably also noticed that I added a tiny lamppost (from Hobby Lobby), some tiny silver ball ornaments, and a North Star.  It makes me happy and looks ever so lovely sitting on my coffee table.  The glass case is also crucial for keeping out troublemaker cats.

Yes, I could have just bought one of those cute little villages that they sell everywhere but I could never make something that easy on myself.

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