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Free Botanical Prints

Monday, November 17, 2014

Oh Monday.  You are back again.  All I really want to do is stay home and begin Christmas decorating whilst making hot chocolate from one of the 50 hot chocolate packages that we picked up this weekend (along with eggnog).  My holiday beverage situation is in check.  However, I am holding off on decorating until Thanksgiving week so Corey doesn’t give me the side eye.  I did finally get sick of our lack of art in the kitchen so I added some in the form of these FREE botanical prints from Vintage Printable and hung them up with some $7 ikea frames.  I just printed out the images on regular old computer paper on a regular old printer.  Not too bad for $14 am I right?



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Black or Gray Accent Door

Thursday, November 6, 2014

So I don’t know if you guys remember this, but we got a kitten last winter.  He is now becoming more cat and less kitten and although we love him dearly, he is a bit of a menace.  Seventy five percent of the time (or thereabouts) he is sweet and adorable, cuddling on the edge of the sofa while we are watching Psych.  But anytime there is anything edible in the vicinity, he becomes a merciless thug – stealing and constantly attacking our food.  He has taken to breaking into the pantry, eating bags of hamburger buns and knocking down any candy in his path.  He’s quite lucky that he’s so cute.  To protect our pantry, we have had to start wedging one of the chairs up against the folding doors which has resulted in lots of chipped paint and somehow he has still managed to break through the defenses.  So I have to decided to improve our strategy by attaching a latch to the doors so the little jerk can’t get in.  And also paint the doors to fix all the chips and messed up paint.  Instead of trying to match the existing white paint, I’m thinking of going with an accent color.  The options are super dramatic black or simple gray.  Right now the kitchen is white and kind of blah (I need to add some personality in a big way), so the black might provide a nice punch.  But then the gray would keep things lighter and a little more consistent with the rest of the room where the black might feel a little bit like it was coming out of nowhere.  I keep going back and forth.  Thoughts?


Gray Door  /  Black Door

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Wall of Mirrors

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

So I’m finally taking the professional engineering exam next week, which I’ve spent probably close to 100 hours in the past several months studying for.  I would be nervous if I wasn’t so sick of studying.  I’m kind of at that point where I’m just ready to get the thing over with.  I’m also ready to jump back into fun projects.  You would all be so very disappointed in my lack of halloween decorations this year.  It is a travesty.

One project I have been pondering is creating a wall of mirrors somewhere in our bedroom because we have tons of wall space and no art.  This would really only be feasible if I were able to find a bunch of really cheap mirrors at Goodwill and Restore.  Here are some of the cheapest mirrors I could find (while still being attractive), and even these options would be too expensive since I would need so many of them.  What are our thoughts on a wall of mirrors?  Would it be fantastic or would so many mirrors in one place make me feel like I was seeing ghosts?  It’s a tough call.


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