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Fabric Bubb

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hi friends! It’s been awhile. In fact, this has been the longest time between posts since we started this little blog in 2011. This started out as a place where we shared DIYs and party decor, but now we pretty much just share whatever it is we are spending our time on whether it be home decor, calligraphy, or photography. This means a whole lot less DIY and a whole lot more random. We’ve never really made money off of this – it was just something we liked to do. So when we’ve been less inspired to post, we just haven’t. We’re sorry. We promise we still love you. Can you tell that I’ve been feeling guilty?

As of late, Megan has been calligraphying into all hours of the night and I have been super busy with work, as well as learning how to be a website developer (code and all), and then also second shooting weddings. I’ve been terribly happy but also terribly busy. So busy that I’ve barely even thought about house decorating at all recently. Tonight I just realized how much I need to update most of my pillows, which I’m pretty sure I said I was going to do like a year ago. I have a couple of attractive pillows Meg gave me but most of the rest are left over from college when I was still in love with damask. I no longer love damask. The thing is, they cost money, and unless it’s film, film processing, or something for our trip to Ireland in the fall, I have been refusing to spend money. Then I found Fabric Bubb which has gorgeous, fresh, non-stuffy patterns at pretty reasonable prices. I’ve decided to buy a couple of yards for my mom to make pillows of, which will be way cheaper than buying a bunch of $30-$50 pillows. (Thanks mom!) Here are some of my favorites. So good right?


One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six

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Laundry Room After

Monday, March 23, 2015

Well we finished the laundry room and it was every bit as magical as I hoped.  Mostly because there are no longer random pieces of furniture strewn all over the hallway being in my way.  We haven’t quite put the doors back on the closet/room but that is a minor detail that I can’t be bothered with right now.  Because look how glorious!


Please keep in mind that this is obnoxiously difficult to photograph.  The light sources aren’t great and it is super cramped so I couldn’t find an angle that would really capture it’s beauty.  But that’s ok.  As per usual, I forgot to take a real before picture because we get so excited about the project that we jump right in….and then take 5 months to finish. Here is a picture I took while we were painting after I realized that I hadn’t taken a before picture.  There were those standard metal racks at the very top of the closet with lots and lots of crap on them.  And you can see the paint situation.  Also, we got a new washer and dryer because the old ones were made in approximately 1975 and took 5 times to wash and dry one load of clothes.  Obnoxious.


We painted the room the same color as our front living room and downstairs powder room – Benjamin Moore Opal Essence.  The shelving unit and drying rack are from Ikea, the striped bins are from the Container Store, and the painting is by Clare Elsaesser.  And that is actually sugar in the glass container.  Because I thought it would look pretty but didn’t want to pour actual detergent in it.  Don’t tell anyone.




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Gray Timberwolf Dresser

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

For some reason I feel like I get 75% of our home projects done in the coldest months. I guess because it’s too freaking cold to go outside.  The weekend after I painted the pantry doors, I painted the dresser that my gem of a sister-in-law offered me which was super lucky because I had been scouring craigslist for weeks to no avail.  Thanks Katie!


The project had some hiccups.  When I first went to buy the paint that I wanted by Benjamin Moore, I realized that the place that sells their paint was closed.  I impatiently decided to go find a replacement at Home Depot and it was not at all what I wanted.  So then I had to go back to Ace Hardware the next day to buy the paint that I wanted in the first place (BM Gray Timberwolf.)  Then when I painted the polycrylic coat over the top of the paint, it turned yellow.  Even though it really isn’t supposed to turn yellow.  So I repainted another coat of gray on top and will just keep the paint around in case of chips or scratches.  Finally, when Corey was helping me install the bin pulls, one of the heads of the screws broke off while the body of the screw was already inside the drawer.  Highly annoying.  We just moved the hardware down a little so it is slightly uneven with the other pull but I feel certain you guys can’t notice.  Anyway, I love it!  And all my clothes are organized in one place!  Miracles do happen.  I forgot to take a before pictures because I.am.the.worst.  Here is kind of what it looked like before but with broken hardware.


And after:




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