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Grosgrain Roman Shades {DIY}

Monday, July 28, 2014

Let me start off this post by saying I had little to nothing to do with this DIY.  My lovely genius mother sewed and constructed these roman shades and made my windows look like angels.  I wasn’t even smart enough to take pictures of each of the steps, so all I can show you is the final product and some tips.  That being said, if you are thinking about making your own roman shades and have any sewing prowess whatsoever, you should do it.


So I spent a long time trying to figure out the best window treatment for the 9 (yes 9!) windows in our bedroom.  We have 3 windows in the main part of the bedroom and 6 windows in the little nook that you see in the above picture.  That is a lot of window treatments, which would have cost me a lot of money if I bought them from a store, even if they were just cheap bamboo shades like I was originally thinking.  Even more confusing was the fact that our bedroom is on the front part of the house so for the main part of the bedroom, I wanted to do treatments that would provide privacy but still be able to let in light.  I decided on normal roman shades for the nook and top down/bottom up roman shades for the main part of the bedroom.  We’ll talk about the top down/bottom up version at a later date, but even the normal roman shades can get expensive (see these Pottery Barn ones that look the exact same as mine for a cool $177 per shade) so I begged my mom to see if she could make them.  Thank god she agreed.

So I’m not going to do a step by step for you, because she mostly followed Little Green Notebook’s post.  I found this really cheap white linen ($6/yard !) and bought 10 yards, and we measured the inside of each window for her to sew the fabric for the shade.  She also sewed a lining inside for extra privacy, and then sewed a black ribbon down each side of the front of the fabric.  She used the ugly old mini-blinds that were already in the window and cut out most of the little slats and the extra cords, just like the post says.  However, instead cutting out all of the slats, she left some in, evenly spaced, to help the fabric fold as you pull up the roman shades.  She glued on the edges and center of the mini blinds but left the part with the string glue free because the strings need to be able to move freely.


Also, instead of the wooden slat Jenny used, my mom glue the same metal bottom from the mini blinds that we already had a couple of inches from the bottom of the fabric.  When we were putting up the shades, we just relooped the string through the metal piece and tied a knot at the end.


One of the most genius things she did was decide to velcro the top of the fabric to the top of the mini-blind, so it can be adjusted if you don’t line it up quite right when you are putting housing (metal piece that attaches into the window) of the mini-blind back into place.







If you’re looking for me, I’ll be in my nook reading and staring at the loveliness of my window treatments.  Oh and that chaise lounge is from One Kings Lane but they also have them at Urban Outfitters (way overpriced) and Target (for way cheaper.)

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Gold Bart Cart DIY

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Today I’ve got another gem for you from my lovely husband.  He just keeps bringing it with these DIYs.  What am I doing?  Eating donuts.  I will continue to shamelessly profit from his hard work.  

Hello again, it’s me, Colleen’s husband.

I was picking out a fantastic outfit (Editor’s Note – Likely a shirt with cats on it) from our closet one day when I came across a stainless steel cart that Colleen use to use in college to hold her toiletries. I had absolutely no idea why this thing had been in our closet since we moved in (Editor’s Note – I do, because I was too lazy to goodwill it), but had a great idea for a DIY. Colleen is always talking about bar carts and how awesome yet how expensive they are. I realized that this thing had the potential to be something good so I quickly brought it downstairs (and after receiving permission), took the middle shelf off.


What you’ll need:

- Gold spray paint

- Ugly old cart

- Casters – we used these from Home Depot and they are crazy cheap

- Crappy mirror

- Command strips

What you’ll do:

1) First remove the casters then coat the cart with gold spray paint.

2) If you have any left over mirrors from any previous DIYs, great, if not, get to your local hardware store and buy a cheap, long mirror (less than $4). I measured the width of the cart’s shelf and cut the mirror to fit it (2 pieces – bottom and top, see this post for how to cut mirror).  I then sanded the edges of the mirror to make sure they aren’t sharp.  Next, I re-spray painted the cart. After it dries, make sure you don’t need any touch ups and you are ready for the next step. Have some command strips on hand, and put a couple pieces on the cart and then on the bottom of the mirror. Place the mirror onto the cart and voilà. Do the same for the other shelf. (Editor’s Note – We didn’t glue it because I realized that it would be real sad if the mirror broke and was stuck on the cart.  This way we can change them out if necessary.)

3) Remove old plastic casters and replace with gold shiny ones.  If they don’t stay in place, glue in with liquid nails.  Now, place your alcohol bottles and decorations onto the cart and you’ve got yourself an awesome bar cart.




If you’re wondering why I have a painting of Megan, you should know that that is actually a painting of our mother (they could be twins!) that my parents had in a closet somewhere.  It was too lovely to hide so I stole it and framed it.  This is Colleen by the way.




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Office Gallery Wall

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I don’t know what it is about this week, but I am having a heck of a time getting motivated to do anything.  I just want to sit around and watch Orange is the New Black all day long.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll get my act together – be super efficient, get the work done, and clean all the things.  But for now, I will just post pictures of the gallery wall I finished this weekend for the office whilst eating my last sprinkle chocolate donut (last Friday was donut day don’tyaknow.)


I think I mentioned this a while ago, but this whole thing got started when Meg gave Corey a corkboard map for Christmas, which I put on a canvas that I tried to paint to look like watercolor but really looks more like blue streaks.  That’s ok, I still like it.  When I started gathering random art from around the house, I decided to make another gallery wall out of it.  Gallery walls are like donuts, you can never have too many.  Although they are considerably less delicious.







All of the frames are either Framatic Fineline or from Restore or Goodwill

1) A large art print found in Charleston, but not actually of Charleston.  It confused me too.

2) Print from Girl and Parrot 

3) Print from Clare Elsaesser (I want everything in her shop)

4) Free post card that came with the print from Clare Elsaesser.  I framed it also because it is beautiful and free is the right price.

5) Alastair Convex Mirror in small

6) Corkboard Map from Anthro

7) Calligraphy print by Meg.  Don’t you worry your pretty little heads.  I am moving my print shop to Etsy because I am severely unsatisfied with my Society 6 experience, and Megan’s calligraphy will also be offered in the shop.

8) Sailor’s Mirror from Anthro

9) Ikea PS Cabinet

All of the small black and white art (the dots, triangles, stripes, etc.) I made myself from craft paint.

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