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Whipped Cream Mousse Frosting

Monday, January 20, 2014

This weekend, Colleen and I went to the wedding of a good buddy of ours.  It was a lovely wedding but I must admit one of my favorite parts (okay, my favorite part) was definitely the cake.  Oh, the cake.  It was made by the groom’s sister and considering there were 300 people at this wedding, I consider that to be an amazing feat.  Particularly considering it was probably the best wedding cake I have ever eaten.  The cake itself was moist and delicious but the frosting put it over the top.  It was sweet, light, creamy perfection.  She shared the recipe with a friend of ours and when I got home, I immediately started looking for the exact recipe on the internets.  I am not sure I found it exactly, but this one I found sounds extremely close so I thought I would share it with y’all today.  Believe me when I tell you you need it.  The frosting I ate apparently had cream cheese flavored pudding mix in it but the original recipe I found here called for vanilla.  Also, I was surprised and how well it held together with such a large cake.  One of them was 4 tiers if I remember correctly.  I suspect that she did not use the whipped topping.  I would instead increase the amount of whipping cream if you needed your frosting to be more stable without refrigeration.  If I ever find out the exact answers to this, I will definitely let y’all know.  Without further ado…

Whipped Cream Mousse Frosting


Cait and Roo’s Brewery Baby Shower

Friday, January 10, 2014

This past summer when one of my best friends found out she was pregnant, she sent me a picture of a cake from pinterest and said, “When I have a baby shower, will you make me a colorful cake like this?”  Well, obviously I said yes.  Who am I to deny a pregnant lady? So a few Fridays ago, I set out to make a five layer purple ombre cake at the lady’s request.  You guys may feel a bit of deja vu now because Colleen and I made another purple ombre cake two years ago and shared the how to and recipe here.  Apparently I can’t get away from purple ombre.  This time I one upped myself with 5 layers.  This puppy was a doozy.  I though I would share some pics of it and some we took at the baby shower, which took place at a local brewery.  This may seem more like a bachelor party locale then a baby shower one but let me tell you, it was super fun and a great way to get people to want to come to a shower.  The shower decor (which was not done by us but some of Caitlin’s other friends) was super cute with beautiful flower arrangements in mason jars and a burlap runner with purple food placecards to match.  Really it was just perfect.

ombre cake layers | Two Delighted

This cake actually turned out better than the last time.  It was more moist and I think that is because I separated out the batter evenly into separate bowls for coloring earlier and so none of the batter got over mixed.  I saran wrapped each layer when it was still slightly more than room temperature to the touch and kept in the fridge over night.  Then I took them out and let them come back to room temp in the saran wrap so that the moisture stayed in.  I also used those cake leveler strips that you wet and wrap around the edges of the pan while baking.  Those things really worked well.

ombre cake iced | Two Delighted

ombre cake cut | Two Delighted


The adorable mommy and daddy to be…

Baby shower cait and roo belly | Two Delighted


Baby shower- cait and roo | Two Delighted

There that’s better.

Baby shower flowers | Two Delighted

I wish we had gotten more pictures of the pretty decorations.  They were so good.  The “f” is for baby girl Frances.  Isn’t that a sweet name?

Baby shower cait hp | Two Delighted

Let’s finish with what was clearly the best shower gift.  I only wish I had thought of it but I am glad someone had their act together.

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend.


Little Letter Cupcake Toppers {DIY}

Monday, May 6, 2013

I like to refer to April as “the month of cake.”  It seems that at least twice a week in April each year, I find myself indulging in some form of cake.  Mostly this is because of the various individuals in my life (including myself) who have April birthdays.  This quite obviously makes it one of my favorite months.  I always try to get things back in order as quickly as possible once May begins so as not to have to buy any new clothes.  This venture has been a dismal failure this year as I am happy to report that I have eaten cake every day in May thus far save one.  That, my dears, is truly ridiculous.  One of these occasions was my lovely friend Lauren’s birthday get together.  I bought her some cupcakes and found myself feeling sad that I had no toppers for them about an hour before I left my house.  This simple little idea (that I already had all materials for) popped into my head and took a grand total of 10 minutes all said and done.

What You’ll Need:

1. Chipboard letters-  Mine are from a company called Paper Studio and I got them at Hobby Lobby.  You can probably find something similar at Michaels

2. Paint and brush

3. Lollipop sticks

4. Glue gun

What You’ll Do:

1.  Paint your letters and let them dry.  They usually dry in a few minutes.

2.  Glue a stick to the back of each letter.  Let dry and pull off strings that glue guns make.  You could use any other type of glue for this as well.

That’s it dude.

Super quick and super easy.   Can’t say the same about my current state of cake withdrawal.

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