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Pawleys Island

Monday, August 13, 2012

When I first started researching beach options (obviously I was not at work, who would think such a thing), I decided I wanted us to go somewhere with a little bit of charm.  Pawleys Island seemed to have it in spades, and funnily enough was actually our beach of choice when I was still a little girl with a red fro, which I didn’t find out until Megan told me on our drive down.  This weekend was the purest form of relaxation.  We weren’t in a hurry for anything, and consumed more food and sun than our bodies could handle.  Happily, we ran into a Charleston-style community just down the beach, which I consider to be fate.  The world knows I am most content when there is a bit of Charleston around.  I won’t mention the fact that I got a speeding ticket on the way back.  I’ll just leave that out.





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For the Love of Friday- Beach Bound

Friday, August 10, 2012

As Colleen informed you yesterday, this morning we will be heading down for a weekend at the beach.  Poor Colleen hasn’t been yet this year and has been feeling very sad for herself about her situation.  I, being the wonderful sister that I am,  volunteered my services and agreed to accompany her.  I am always making the big sacrifices.  We will think of you all while we are lounging, eating, coffee drinking, eating, reading, eating, floppy hat wearing, eating, toe dipping, eating, picture taking, and most importantly eating.  We surely will not be going swimming in any kind of oceans.  Sharks live there and they eat people and that is dumb.  So none of you worry your pretty little heads about that.

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 If any of you would like us to bring you back a hermit crab, please sign up below.  Although those things are so gross and monstery, I seriously don’t know why you would want one.  But all the same, we love you so we would make it happen.

Happy Friday ya’ll!

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Beach Ready

Thursday, August 9, 2012

So I wasn’t really planning on taking a beach trip this summer.  I was trying to be a good girl and save up all of my PTO for our big France trip next year.  Then I realized that everyone in the world was at the beach but me and started feel a little bit sorry for myself.  Everyone else was drinking mojitos and lounging poolside while I was staring at spreadsheets and writing reports.  I may have gotten a little dramatic.  I decided to quit sulking and remedy the problem with a quick trip, dragging Megan along of course.  A quick trip never hurt anyone.  I guess subconsciously I must have known this would happen because it seems that I have unknowingly been making little beach purchases throughout the summer.  A floppy hat, some new Anthro sunnies, and a J Crew suit and I am good to go.  Corey even bought me a new book to read.  Now if only I had that cover-up.


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