Wedding Created By Cocktail {Eucalyptus Martini}

Lately I have been very drawn to greens being used in entertaining and weddings.  I think that it feels so fresh.  When I was researching greens to use for the garland at the Irish Rehearsal dinner I helped design,  I found one in particular that I kind of feel in love with…the eucalyptus.  Eucalyptus has has an interesting scent that when I saw this cocktail, I thought that may just be super refreshing.  A little different with the use of egg whites and the need to make simple syrup with eucalyptus leaves.  But certainly perfect for inspiring a lovely little wedding.

Eucalyptus cocktail

eucalyptus chandelier

Eucalyptus cocktail- Two Delighted

Eucalyptus alter- Two Delighted

Eucalyptus Cocktail- Two Delighted

eucalyptus crown

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  1. chartreuse & a twist

    OKAY, hold on just a hot minute…I love absolutely everything about this post!!! First off, that cocktail sounds deeelish! And then, all of that eucalyptus is just gorgeous! Love this for a wedding! XO Brynn

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