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Thursday, August 21, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, the week of my birthday actually, Corey and I went to New York to see his favorite soccer team play at Yankees Stadium for his big 30th birthday present.  Even though watching a soccer game is not always top on my list of things of things to do, seeing a game at such an iconic location was pretty fantastic.  We stayed at my friend Kyle’s gorgeous apartment in the West Village and took full advantage of the local eateries.  I think we ate at almost all of them.  Kyle made us the sweetest little map with delicious foods to eat, things to do, and places to go, which we followed line by line.  The girl has good taste.  Some of our favorites were Big Gay Ice Cream (every bit as fabulous as you would hope), I sodi (the best lasagna you will ever have), the Meatball Shop, the Grey Dog, and Cafe Cluny.  There is something extra special about a getaway in the middle of the week, particularly to New York.

These were all either Portra 400 or Portra 800 taken on my Mamiya 645, and processed and scanned by The Find Lab.















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Starry Lantern DIY

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I have had a plain, unopened paper lantern sitting one of my craft boxes for a couple years now and I decided that this weekend was finally the time to do something with it.  I came up with this idea unsure of how it would work out but I think all said and done, it looks pretty cute.  Bonus… It doesn’t get any more simple than this in terms of DIYs.

Pierced Paper Lantern DIY final blog

What you’ll need:

A plain white paper lantern

Spray paint in a color of your choice- I chose the dark blue here in an effort to make the “stars” stick out more

A skewer or some  other long sharp object

What you’ll do:

1. Unfold your lantern and hang it up outside somewhere.  I used a bungie cord and hung it from a tree.  Then spray paint it the color of your choosing.  I did 2 coats to make it darker.

pierced lantern step 1 blog

2. After dry, take your skewer and pierce a bunch of little holes in it.

pierced lantern skewer blog

pierced lantern step 2 blog

3.  Insert a lightbulb in the top (following the instructions that came with the lantern) and call it a day.  Since I hung mine outside and I already had bistro lights in my tree, I just pulled the cord a little tighter and worked several of the lights into the lantern.  I am not sure it impacted the effect at all to have the other bistro lights around it.  It may actually have been more dramatic if it wasn’t surrounded by light as well.

If anyone tried this with a different color, let me know how it goes.  I would be interested to know how the light shines through in the pierced spots.  I also thinking making some larger holes and some smaller would be pretty as well.

Pierced lantern diy final 2 blog


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New Calligraphy Styles

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hi guys.  I have been spending some time thinking about new calligraphy styles I want to use lately.  I have found a few options that I really like so I thought I would add them to my page.  Although this morning I spent about 30 minutes obsessing over all of the other beautiful calligraphy that is out there and I got really inspired so I have a feeling that some day in the not too distant future I will be posting some more scripts again.  I think one of the coolest things about calligraphy is that every calligrapher has their own look.  Even if they a writing a standard copperplate script, everyone’s work looks a little different.  It makes sense because it is something that is created with each individual hand.  I kind of love that about it.  Anyways, I’ll stop geeking out about calligraphy and just share my new styles.

Katharine script blog

Katharine script…This one is kind of named after Colleen.  Kind of.  Her middle name was (before she got married and changed it) Katherine.  Except we never really knew how to spell it.  It was spelled differently on her birth certificate than other places and I think my parents were never really very sure either.  Anyways, poor Colleen never knew how to spell her middle name but I always liked this spelling best…Katharine.

charlotte script blog

Charlotte…This is the freehand script I use a lot when I am calligraphing for fun.  I think it is natural for me.  So I named it after the place where I live.  Cause that seemed less narcissistic than naming it Megan.

jordan script blog

Jordan…This script seems very glamorous to me and reminds me of the Great Gatsby.  So I named it after Jordan Baker.  I couldn’t quite name it Daisy since I ended up hating her and I was on a girl’s name kick with my script names.  I am actually quite a big fan of this one and hope someone wants me to use it soon.

Here is some of the work I have done so far…

modified emma (pink toast ink) blog

This was a modification of the Emma script that I did but with bouncier baselines instead of straight ones.  Traditionally, calligraphy is done with a straight baseline but I really like it when the letters dance around up and down a bit and I did this to complement the invitation suite that was designed by Carrie from Pink Toast Ink.  I think it is pretty awesome.

jenny name (elisabeth rose) blog

jenny monogram blog

Here is the name I designed for stationary that was done by Elisabeth of Elisabeth Rose.  It is hard to tell but this is letterpressed on super thick yummy paper along with the monogram I did.

emma (elisabeth rose) cropped blog

These invitations were actually mailed in lovely ivory box mailers that I calligraphed on in Emma script but for the purposes of the picture and not sharing any guests’ addresses, I used gold ink on a blush envelope.  Blush and gold for the win.  I wish you guys could see the gold in real life as photographs don’t do the shininess justice.


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