Weekend in Charleston

Monday, July 21, 2014

This past weekend I had a a lovely little trip to Charleston with my boyfriend that consisted mostly of wandering and eating with a morning trip to the beach.  It was nice to get away and see one of my favorite cities.  We stayed at the Fulton Lane Inn, which was quite nice, if not a little noisy with street traffic as our room was right off of King Street.  Other than that, we had a great experience there and I particularly enjoyed the complimentary breakfast delivered to our room along with a lazy Saturday morning of catching up on the Charleston newspaper.

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Dresses for Weddings

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

At the end of August, Colleen and I are going to our cousin’s wedding in Seattle.  I am super excited as I have never been to the Pacific Northwest and the last time I saw most of my extended family was at Colleen’s wedding which was almost 3 years ago.  Yikes.  That went fast. My mom has 5 sisters so this side of the family is really big and we always have fun.  Anyways, I would really like to buy myself a nice new dress so I can feel pretty while I am at the wedding.  However, I have been having some difficulty.  Why is it that they make all summer dresses white?  How many white dresses do we really need?  Don’t they know that most of the time when we need a nice dress in the summer it is because we are going to a wedding and we can’t even wear white because then we look like a crazy person who is trying to steal the bride’s thunder??  Somebody needs to explain this to the dress makers.  I have found several that I like and I thought I would ask y’alls opinion about which one is most attractive to you.

Dresses for weddings_edited-1

1. I have been eyeing this one from Anthro for some time but I am not sure about the cut in the front and whether it would give me a weird boob situation like it kinda does to the model.  The back is cool.

2. This looks like Paris to me.

3. So the website says this is gray but I must admit it looks like it could be a little ivory-ish.  Too close to a wedding dress?

4.  I think this one is precious and an excellent cut for my body type.

5.  Jessica bringing it like usual with a pretty maxi dress.

6.  The watercolor and the pattern on this dress is gorg.

7.  This is simple and lovely and reasonably priced and could probably be worn again frequently.  But I must admit these backless dresses make me feel some anxiety.  I fear this would create a boob situation of a different kind.  What sorts of solutions do you guys have for holding things up and in in a dress like this?





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Busy Bees

Monday, July 14, 2014

Good morning.  It’s Monday again.  I figured I’d pop in for a quick post since I missed you guys last week.  I took a last minute type of calligraphy job which was very exciting and also occupied pretty much every spare minute I had last week.  Now I am working on a monogram and custom name design for another bride.  It is really quite fun and I am pretty obsessed.  Anyways, as a result I have had slightly less time for fixing up my home, diy-ing, blogging, and making myself presentable to the world.  Although I did get a new (to me) washer a dryer this weekend.  I bought them for a steal from a client who no longer had use of them and compared to what I did have (some multiple decades old bisque jobs), they are faaaancy pants.  Cobalt blue LG front loaders.  This may not be exciting to you guys but the fact they they are digital and that the dryer takes less than 2 hours to dry my clothes is kind of knocking me out right now.  In other exciting news, I am going to Charleston this weekend for my first vacay of the summer.  Hallllelujuah!!!  I seriously can’t wait.

calligraphy insta


I will post pictures of the finished invitation suite created by Carrie Barker from Pink Toast Ink in a few weeks.  The whole thing is really quite attractive and I am pretty happy with how the envelopes turned out.  I used a modification on Emma script.

Hope everyone has a nice day!


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